Minggu, 17 April 2016

Touring pounding Sendiki Beach Beautiful To Appear Crowded by Takim (Suetoclub)

Salam wildlife trip !!! The story this time is represented by Takim Suetoclub by pounding the beach theme Malang, Sendiki beach ... Why demolish because many personnel are about 140 people ready touring ... Automatic trip that started from Surabaya to this unfortunate seemed weighted ( selow intent, padet, lush as the crowd ..hehe).For the route from Surabaya can be seen on google nih ..

Route from Malang follow directions beach Tamban ie from Malang - Pakisaji - Kepanjen - Gondang Legi - Turen - Sumbermanjing Wetan - Tambak Rejo - Turkish Tamaban (there is a huge placard on the left side of the road before the fork in the right direction beach Bajulmati) and possibly longer trips can 2-3jam from the city of Malang. Arriving at Tamban beach, you have to down the road. After that turn to the right, until the road reaches a T-junction. From the T-junction turn left, about 50 meters will find a simple kamling post that made from bamboo, then turn right. Well coincidence narrow streets may only be passed by a motorcycle, so for you who brought the car should be parked in the houses around and the road tracking. After passing through the narrow streets, then along the rice fields, sugar cane fields, rice and forest about 3 KM. Furthermore, you will find trees ketapan, which means that soon meet its shores. About 100 meters down the trees ketapan, you all will hear the sound of waves this exotic beach. Suddenly saw the atmosphere of the beach like some of the beaches in Bali and Lombok holiday if ever there anyway so you can compare. So monggo can directly observe the documentation by Takim Suetoclub:


According to personal opinion this beach including natural beach deserted (maybe still not well-known), exotic, white sand, clean, well maintained, have been managed well but for the class of waves was not exactly quiet so be careful if you want to swim guys !. But since our arrival so it looks crowded beaches (important clean and not throw away any dirt)Facilities at this beach had no parking Rp 5,000, -, Entrance Rp 5000, - there swings, cottages 2 level (only for the post to monitor only), a few Indonesian flag with bamboo poles might be made the idea for the photo enthusiast couple or prewedd.So for you beach lovers, need peace and do not want to stay away from East Java, the beach Sendiki this is one of the beaches of Malang that is right for you all the traveler but necessary in the management's time in order to enjoy its beauty due to the current 2016 track south beaches in Malang often crowded with visitors for easy access already can sometimes be very membeludak when a particular holiday. So Prepare your holiday with all the risks that exist ..May be useful for all of you loyal readers suetoclub and nature lovers Indonesia. Oh yes can stop by here all pantai tamban

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