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Niagara Lider A True challenge for the Leader (visit Banyuwangi 2016 by Suetoclub)

HI Greeting wildlife! Browsing !! we continue to the waterfall Lider still in kec Songgon when there is a board of directions tile penujuknya left of the road. The route Tile-Sempu-Songgon-Lider (Hamlet Sragi, Sumber Arum) can be seen in the google map below:


Before exploring the rigors macadam Niagara Lider we try to find the famous red durian that eh was exhausted orange durian that cost 150,000, - also exhausted so we ended up not buying durian deh ..Then straight up into the village lider that the road is still paved smooth then after that rough terrain macadam has been waiting far as 3km to the contour up and down and bends sharp but calm for those who pertamkali impression will not get lost because there is a board of directions for the bringing the car could also be home alone with the terrain. Fellow sueto tandem team and carry matic and satriafu made trouble with the macadam road is a good thing after this road roundtrip nothing is leaking tire and rim Peang symptoms. Arriving at a slightly its estimate only pay for parking alone in 2000, - after that you can directly tracking through the streets down the hill slippery but the supplied strap after it will be followed by down the river fairly heavy with directions zigzag for an hour perhaps the advice we prepare a lunch drinks, snack though you are not thirsty and hungry when traveling down the river because we would actually invited into the wilderness that is sure to be better depleted sweetly plus animal sounds that will make you paranoid ... haha.Immediately, ya see the following documentation:

Note: Waterfalls spill water Lider has a 60 meter waterfall with a height of 1,300 meters above sea level. and comes from mountain springs. In didi main waterfall there are also four small waterfall that is part of the main waterfall. There is one more thing that makes the atmosphere Lider looked beautiful waterfall. Namely, two climbing walls ravine in on him. Gorge cliff wall in the form of two large stones are dimensionless average. (Https://sites.google.com/site/wisataairterjun/jawa-timur/air-terjun-lider---banyuwangi)In the parking lot until we take a break. We see the same as other tourist villages in Banyuwangi waterfall tourist area Lider also really creations lider travel by the village itself. So that the benefits can be felt directly felt by local residents. The facility already exists toilets, food stalls, parking of motor cars that qualified and Music also provided a guide who for example want the company of his journey.

After that trip back already night only accompanied by rain again finally we decided to unplug from Banyuwangi and Jember Puger Go to ekpedisi Nusa Barong Island / Barong! Get the spirit Bro ...

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