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Magnificent waterfalls roar finger god in Banyuwangi by Suetoclub 2016

HI regards wildlife! March 2016 at the end of the month there holiday and a time to make some destinations we travel. After several meetings in the park hump eventually we determine some destinations, the choice fell to Banyuwangi, namely travel Niagara Telunjuk roar and Niagara Lider which replaces turing to the beach wedi ireng let unidirectional only and energy efficient then the next day entrance area of ​​the district of Jember No Nusa barung, Payangan and Gulf Coast Love.Touring has been like we normally do start at night. Depart Friday morning around 00:30 hours from Surabaya route can be seen on google the following folder:

Then had checkpoints in Probolinggo-Klakah-Jember-Glenmore-Tile (breakfast) for a break and eat around 8 am from the tile we headed to the first destination in the course of touring we are heading kec songgon of tile around 20km but you all must often ask so as not lost though also rely on GPS for many rural roads that branch off and there are some that macadam. As tracknya which can be seen below:

But if you correct path to the village songgon, the original path is smooth asphalt drivable sedan car though. Then enter the village to the waterfall area Mangaran then find a few km macadam road probably about 2-3km. There are two separate paths are provided through the fields of corn that can be traversed by car and through the woods which is only passable by motorbike.
Until the area was already reserved a parking space and there is a hawker street vendor but still no toilet. Sign only pay parking tickets only Rp 2,000, - then we immediately prepare treading step-by-step toward the Falls water god roar. Jalan legs actually about 1km over but the trip is not fixed and as tired you will be paid a treat nature and the air will not get in the full city politics. Through the hills, streams, small springs, fields and eventually up to down stream and the end of the trip you will see the waterfall shaped like a tall finger 20meter with the flow is not too heavy so it is safe for bathing. Immediately wrote a check the picture below:


After enjoying the beauty of the waterfall's roar index we have a little chat for a moment with the manager of the Air Telunjuk gods roar Mangaran including sharing and introductions. Actually Waterfalls roar finger god's arrival we Sueto team has just opened last 1bulan said Mr. Mulyono, chairman of the supervising manager. Tourism management is carried out independently by member volunteers Amy village Mangaran children are still young age-sma smp class. Fostering green brings the concept of traveling for tourists making the tourists care akann environment, beautify the areas surrounding major tourist destinations such as the cultivation of native villages Mangaran like strobery, durian etc. Results of retribusipun will be given again to travelers in the form of seedlings of ornamental plants that can all learn to grow crops.

We think the concept is good and natural support but our advice to keep in mind is the problem of garbage, usually tourist spot if it's crowded it was dirty can for garbage or activity wisatwan itself therefore apart should the tourists are warned about cleanliness so aware will waste no trash may littering when entering the waterfall area the trash taken that must be addressed and should be brought back when the exit area of ​​the waterfall of course, with the checking of the committee. Also the development of waste management in the trash bins that might be useful one day when creative committee.Even this activity can also cause a sense of environmental awareness to the committee are still young and will also be applied wherever they are. We hope that the preservation of its natural waterfall Mangaran travel is always awake.We think there is a minimum sueto team there are 3 waterfalls in secret by people around the village Mangaran because it is still a secret to the development of further travel so as not dirty when travelers already know first. Such as near a waterfall Telunjuk roar when continued on into the cave there is a curtain of water falling form a so-called waterfall curtain daughter. The others in the district songgon like Waterfall Giri Asih, Waterfall Source Bolong, Niagara Bayu Lor, Niagara Watu Gampit, Waterfall Temcor, Waterfall Angel, Niagara Scarves Arum including waterfalls Lider will visit after this see ya to the next trip story.

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