Rabu, 13 April 2016

Gulf of Love (Love Bay) and Payangan Beach Other Side of Love Charm of the South Seas (2016 Jember visit by Suetoclub)

Greetings wildlife! Morning! in time whenever you read the atmosphere when it is still early after undergoing a thrilling evening exploring the island of Nusa Barong so this time will be a little sunbathe Payangan panasan toward the coast and bays love. The route this time we pass through the countryside and turns puger breaks just to Ambulu Papuma headland track. Well if there will be a plaque Papuma promontory on the right way then there is the fork straight down again right path towards watu ulo then straight again then you will enter the fishing village and the beach area Payangan. It turns out many are welcoming you later on there, who else if not the personnel that his style parking providers such as groceries scramble when no tourists come (little disturbing concentration). For those of you who just want to hill sheep alone or bay love we suggest entered the park rather let me walk did not seem so far away but if you all want to enjoy the beach Payangan also took park in front is yes Parking selection bijak.Oh Rp 2000, -

Already until we park the vehicle and walk to enjoy the beach with landscape Payangan black sand beaches flanked by two hills, one of which is named hill seroya also your hobby seroya hill hunting landscape includes a nice spot. Up the hill this sayora lo pay Rp 5000, - / person. If you are hungry around the beach buanyak stalls caterers such as grilled fish, meatballs, salad, gado-gado, noodles fried / boiled etc ..

At that time we did not know why the weather is really very hot and sunny especially plus factor decreasing stamina because it goes around so you should prepare plenty of water. Sign hill sheep / bay love levy charged Rp 5000, - and you'll advance up the hill to get to the spot. Actually, when you first go up the stairs there will be the right lane and the left, if you want to live closer to spot the bay love then should track the left but you will be directed to the right lane by the guide to round the hill but it's OK if you have the stamina is good, then the landscape also nice when the right side of the hill but if you want faster then drive through the road there will nudge papannya saves enough energy to get over. Go see the documentation:


Indeed there are a few spots on the hill sheep, besides bay love eg peak sunrise, hills and caves tip of Japan. At that time because it was a holiday so the situation is very crowded. See the time was already very afternoon to return, after a quick break at the beach area we went straight back to Surabaya pass Puger-Lumajang (the break) -Klakah-Pasuruan-Probolinggo-Bangil-Surabaya-Sidoarjo accompanied by torrential rains since of Lumajang. But it paid off already tired of us because in eastern Java there are beautiful places to visit. Thanks to all the readers who continue to faithfully follow the story of our trip. Wait for the next vacations together Suetoclub.

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