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Amazing Nusa Barong Island Jember “The Extreme Spirit” by Suetoclub 2016

Hello Greetings wildlife! After we explore the Banyuwangi now time to jump into Puger Jember to find fishermen who would deliver us to the island of Nusa Barong morning at 9, we were getting from Ambulu towards TPI (fish auction) puger then parking after discussions with several fishermen on our goal to get around the island of Nusa Barong finally there are fishermen who are willing to deliver. Previous if you all want to be passing the island Nusa Barong 2 places in Jember is through the headland coast Papuma (more safety but further) and passing puger (closer but full of adrenaline). It turns out the same day there were some 5 people who went to the homeland barong for camping. After that we prepare a short time because it is the island of Nusa Barong including a nature reserve so it might just stall astral alone.

Start sailing we started at around 11 pm noon, long-Nusa Barong puger sails around 1 hour 30 minutes (a new ship engines can usually 2 hours). We set off accompanied by three crew fisherman one pack sapii as crew chief, with our means 9 so there were 12 people onboard. Travelling alone is quite thrilling first we have to pass a high breakwater and finally also after that you will menikamti puger scenery of the beautiful sea. Oh yes, we are here without a life jacket because it was not provided and a boat without a coffin lid would happen if the heat so hot raining rain so do not forget to bring a raincoat and supplies waterproof for those who bring technological documentation and the camera and do not forget the island is not available freshwater.

Not feel we've entered the area of ​​the island of Nusa Barong and do look very beautiful with shades of water that is very intriguing. We see here also save the beauty of the sea is not less good in certain spots of the beach but then we were not there that brought the snorkle gear so could only see the equipment pickup only. Immediately see the documentation:


After a day from night we were preparing to return and indeed we do not plan on camping on the island of Nusa Barong finally we continued around the island back to the account after puger TPI. The trip back was very quiet suddenly become very tense because it must wait for the waves to unison into the harbor when we do not follow the waves then we will hit the wall breakwater end after spinning 5 times dilautan we could get into the port he does his victims are already thousands of boats hit the waves this feedback (nickname Plawangan destruction wave) and did happen to our home in high waves About a span of hours 8:00 p.m. to 21:00 hours. Reached the harbor we prepare and rest to be ready by tomorrow towards LOVE BAY Payangan Beach and lo ...

It turned out that eh was the island of Nusa Barong also has a history: Ditahun 1700s the island of Nusa Barong is populated by the inhabitants of multi-ethnic State, and the island is also a place of resistance rayat for those who do not want to be oppressed by verenigdeoostindische compagnie (voc), the island of Nusa Barong this 3mil located on the beach puger. Barong nuasa beach is also known by the nickname of Nusa Barong on fire, in 1768. Once on the island of Nusa Barong economically very important for Blambangan. Nusa Barong is a significant producer of bird's nest for the authorities Blambangan. The production of bird's nest was sent to the Chinese traders.

When there is a war between kingdoms Blambangan against VOC in kisaraan 1767-1768, many people Blambangan and Lumajang many to flee to the island of Nusa Barong. So that in 1772 there were 250 families or 1000 the inhabitants clustered in seven villages on the island. All of this is earned by Sri Margana through a long study of oral literature and historical records left VOC.

Then in 1773 the political developments in Nusa Barong is a major concern Netherlands in Surabaya. Military expedition began prepared to crush the people's resistance Nusa Barong. But the fierce resistance of the island communities to make VOC overwhelmed. This forced the Governor Semarang preparing simultaneous attacks after four years later, precisely in 1977.

Finally, precisely on August 17, 1977, the combined forces of the Dutch people started simultaneous attacks under commander Adriaan van Rijk on the island of Nusa Barong. In a battle that goes unbalanced, as many as 27 fighters killed Nusa Barong. While others fled. Fortifications and houses of residents broken down.

If you want to know On the island of Nusa Barong directly wrote in to this link: http://bbksdajatim.org/cagar-alam-pulau-nusa-barung-2Caution: 

  • Rates boats puger-homeland barung Rp 150.000, - / person (negotiable), the maximum boat 
  • load 15 people have a crew that will be taken helmsman. 
  • 24-hour parking should be outside the region because the parking area of ​​TPI TPI closed at 16.00. 
  • Bring enough accommodation especially when camping. 
  • Security can bring their own life jacket or ask a local person's info rental life jacket. 
  • Diving equipment / snorkle bring your own. 
  • We recommend that if you want camping on the island leaves at 9 am from puger and return the next 
  • morning because the waves would be quieter. 
  • Only two fishermen today who are willing to serve the purpose to the island of Nusa Barong so maybe a day for only two departures only. 
  • OH yes, do not forget to pay attention to hygiene do not litter on the island brought back your rubbish and dispose of waste in place when it returns to the TPI puger.

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