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Amazing touring! Suetoclub Explore exotic waterfall Sekumpul, Climb Mount Batur, Snorkling in Amed and Around Bali 2015 (Part2)

Hisalam wildlife! Further to a story trip part 2 that is, toward climbing Mount Batur. Initially it departs oversleep of lodging in the city of Singaraja at around 9 am and I probably did not expect that the day was going to be a very heavy, tragic incident, exciting, thrilling, famine certainly very tired but happy to keep the spirit and enjoy the ride. At that time travel is really we did with ease due to the cold and the cool atmosphere as it passes through the slopes of the mountains we passed lines Bongkokan then there is the fork in the direction Kintamani Mount Batur then follow the highway
Mount Batur then entered the district Bangli through the Tabu-road Serongga if you turn right there placard directions Trunyan well that we turn left traveling around 2hours at a distance of about 62km from Singaraja.

After reaching the front post enters climbing Mount Batur we report and pay a fee of Rp 10,000, - per person. We rested for a moment the break stalls around the front of the post entry. Suddenly the clouds started coming in and the rain follows when it is already at 1 pm Bali time. Finally we hurried to find a shade and turns over the land was newly built as possible to the parking lot. We parked there waiting for lightning-lightning died down and the fog disappeared.

A few minutes later the situation was getting light and we are ready to climb, look there are some of the top shelf on the mountain view and pathway we choose the direction to the right toward the top of the crater there hunia to see the sunrise. Until peak amazing !! scenery can be said of this pathway can also proceed to the main peak of the mountain shelf past the ridge.

Mount Batur is located in Kintamani, Kab. Bangli is a mountain that has an altitude of 1717 meters above sea level, Mount Batur including the active volcano's mouth. Last erupted in 2000. The major eruption on August 2 and 21 September 1926 gutted Ulun Danu Batur and Batur village. Located in the northwest of Mount Agung, the mountain has a caldera measuring 13.8 x 10 km and is one of the largest in the world (van Bemmelen, 1949). Caldera bund height ranging between 1267 m - 2152 m (peak G. Abang). I formed inside the caldera caldera II is circular with a diameter of approximately 7 km. Basic caldera II is located between 120-300 m lower than the railroad Kintamani (basic Caldera I). Inside the caldera are crescent-shaped lake that occupies the southeastern part of the length of about 7.5 km, a maximum width of 2.5 km, circumference of about 22 km and covers approximately 16 km2 which is called Lake Batur. Mount Batur caldera thought to have formed as a result of two major eruptions, 29.300 and 20.150 years ago. If you there will be no image Mount Batur form early before they become Mount Batur and Mount Abang. Mount Batur has also been recognized as the World's first Geopark in Indonesia. Mount Batur geopark recognition as the world (Global Geopark) in Indonesia was announced by UNESCO. Mount Batur is composed of three volcanic cones with each crater, Batur I, II Batur and Batur III. Well If only such a word google wikipedia.

An overview of the house above the peak of Mount Batur the current weather is not necessarily sometimes torrential rain sometimes very light end we decided to go down the mountain about 5 times Bali accompanied by drizzle pierced heart.

The trip down the mountain we proceed to destinations all three for tomorrow is amed beach in Karangasem regency. Directly via shortcut ekstream to get out of the caldera of majestic mountains, so tracknya like this from postal Lake Batur follow Jln. Songan-Jln. Ulun Danu temple hulundanu-before turning left turn right do not straight-Jln stalemate. Jerokamulanluhur-Jln Bantas this well tracknya horrified bend u ride motor matik, duck gocengan less strong (team touring work hard here) and this road without lights Jln wood selem running downhill rocky follow on (the front brakes on not to work smart to just offroadnya ) better-Jlan behind a hill facing away from here the road has started smoothly paved until the main road Tejakula-Tianyar, consequently we paused to straighten hands began muscular and buttocks began petrified. (Though invisible in google map the course of semantab is when the night without lamp)Around 9 pm we reached the fork-Karangasem Amed plans to continue the trip to the town of Karangasem. Suddenly there was an incident the dog was hit by a passing street and one of the crew lying direct injury treatment that night and looking for lodging that opened in Amed fortunately there are still empty and open. Finally, can not rest in peace because the stomach is rumbling all food stores have closed in around 11 pm. Finally we met could cook instant noodle stalls that we brought (after touring a few km). Alhamdulillah can rest and prepare to resume the third event is snorkling in front of the inn on travel stories section 3. Okay we take a break for ya fibrosis.

Here are the photos time on Mount Batur:

their videos:

Oh yes, do not miss our recommendation if you want to climb Gunug Batur:
• Bring anti rain gear usually one or more of this area until the afternoon hours it had been raining
• If you want to see a perfect atmosphere as we do not come during the day haha
• Those who want to rent a guide / porter Rp 500.000, - (negotiable) PP
• Who wants to be without your own cruise provided that report Dipos guard and paid fees also memorized terrain
• Usually the height of the current view of the lake Batur sunrise so there are bound to leave early in the morning
• The ascent to the summit takes about 1.5-2jam less.
• There are several peaks on Mount Batur 1,2,3 so adjust stamina alone and somewhat different path.
• Need warm coffee and a boiled egg mateng you can cook in a typical hot steam vent in the summit of Mount Batur.
• The original dog was very friendly as cats can be invited to smile when photographed.

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