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Amazing touring! Suetoclub Explore exotic waterfall Sekumpul, Climb Mount Batur, Snorkling in Amed and Around Bali 2015 (Part3)

Greetings wildlife! Morning! Get up early in amed and continue the story of the trip in the morning Because it is really good scene here. Morning walks along the beach is also great idea Because The situation is still quiet atmosphere of the cold mountain behind the inn. All looking for breakfast around the coast there are some great spots in amed that backdrop of majestic mountains and the beach on a cliff top was phenomenal. Blue sea view soothing. After all the crew prepares us to the beach for snorkeling unfortunately the weather was not as good as the morning late morning it had been raining and the waves were not as smooth as usual but not sueto name if not challenged even slammed waves were Werner snorkeling but sometimes the rain stopped offering beautiful suit our desire finally back clear water turbid. Hehe .

Amed many spots for snorkeling and the rent Rp20.000-30.000 already set snorkling and fin. relatively cheap reefs off the shoreline also had nice things soothing eye so it does not have far to rent a boat but for those who want to dive yes please explore more course there are interesting spots like in Japanese Shipwreck point, Lipah, Jemeluk Bay and dyke Hose. Amed offers paradise in the eastern tip of Bali that has not attacked the modernization of mass tourists. Because it is the tourists are expected to travel eco or green touring in order to preserve the culture, richness and beauty that still remains this.

For many homestay accommodation and villas line the beach front of the price of luxury to economical prices such as our first room filled four people or something. Likewise for tool snorkeling and life jacket is usually the residence also provide the tools, guides etc. Just stay negotiable price issue. For the safety of the vehicle also secured due to cultural factors bali still attached.

After all activity is recorded into the microSD, then immediately prepare us to where one of the relatives and colleagues of the crew Sueto at the final destination where we stay overnight before tomorrow afternoon back to Surabaya. The trip from Amed average 3h possible due to rain and it was night we only take about 2 hours just past the terraced rice fields of Bali karangasem distinctive and continued into the night life of Kuta beach ... hahaha because there are some crew who have not been to Bali and kuta at all at that time.

Late night fast because of exhaustion but still do not want to miss the holiday atmosphere directly around the beach looking for a spot precisely in the Seminyak area of ​​Bali restaurant romantic breeze that morning refreshment before prepare home do not forget to stop by Erlangga 2 one of the souvenirs typical of Bali. Travelling from Denpansar around 2 pm and the trip ended up right Surabaya 5 am the next day. We think this is a really amazing trip and we ended suetoclub so has the story ... hehehe

The story closes with a trip in 2015 has ended. But forwarded dicerita trips next year hopefully they can continue to roam Indonesia..Thanks to the readers who faithfully accompanied suetoclub until the end of 2015. We hope this info helpful fibrosis ... see ya ..

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