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Enjoy the beauty of the trip Tabuhan Island and Crater Wurung (Part2)

Hi Greetings wildlife! The story is a continuation of the trip touring the island wasp and craters wurung part 1 ... Immediately, at around 5 am we were out of the red and white hotel directly prepare headed the second destination of "crater wurung" the way it was lo make people wurung ( not so) to place tersebut..haha but so history does not it ..

Continue our trip from the coast to the south the past Kampe port of Ketapang, Banyuwangi incoming direction and then follow the directions to the Ijen crater placard past glagah existing districts producing village of the red durian lo perbuahnya price Rp150,000-Rp300,000, -

For all of you been to ijen wear matic or duck ya preferably before entering the area of ​​the slick-sempol content of gasoline used in the last gas station in the district of glagah. After that we continue until a few minutes later we reached the location of the entrance ticket by paying the ticket ijen region retribution Rp 3000, -. Then further .... Directly confronted with a track that twists and up and down steep but now it has a nice smooth paved differently when we first used in 2012 to ijen via lines Banyuwangi. Again recalled masalalu of 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2016 we returned to Ijen did not believe his charm as the weather is still cooler than Cangar and bromo if I taste. Arriving at the post climb Ijen crater we paused breakfast and others.

Suppose you pass via Banyuwangi crater wurung this was after the post climb to the crater of Ijen but still in the area ijen so Just follow the direction towards the city Bondowoso, waterfall rocky side of the road was still straight up into the garden and the farm there will be a plaque to the left of the road wurung to the crater.

Sign the crater area wurung drawn retribution again and urged to keep clean by not littering any such check departing bring what brought home anything that could be brought home more waste nicer and as greentouringer management who care about the environment as we are very proud and this activity must be preserved if not listening or inattentive bring back litter fines lo Rp 50,000-100,000, - so it is really early visitors all must be considered. Not to forget the levy prices around Rp 5000, - / person.When you sign wurung crater area located in districts Jampit sempol there are actually several spots view to be able to enjoy the beauty of this wurung crater. Amenities also provided parking for cars and motorcycles, food stalls snacks also available. Also been built gazebos to enjoy the atmosphere around. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of the crater of the crater rim just down the hill but you can walk or bike to use for the balls. The atmosphere is like a hill telletubies nice and charm of the emerald green of the lo soothing eye.

Time passed since forgotten documented this natural beauty and the rain began to come in the end we did not have time to explore much deeper to the guest house all come Jampit. Then the final destination is the cafe ijen. Cafe located right next to the post of first entry Bondowoso town for a while to keep warm and enjoy a variety of coffee flavor typical ijen. Hmm feels so romance atmosphere at that time. The rain ceased and the day began in the afternoon, the event directly back to Surabaya was prepared. That piece of the story of our journey Suetoclub hopefully marginally useful for the reader as well meet again in next trip yap ..


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