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Enjoy the beauty of the trip Tabuhan Island and Crater Wurung (Part1)

Wildlife Greetings! Immediately February 2016 is the month of romance for touring, traveling the intended destination is mengexplore beauty of the island Tabuhan and Crater Wurung (One mainstay Mountains Travel Ijen Kawah Ijen Now aside from himself and Blue Fire).

We traveled at night from homebase Surabaya with the first goal Tabuhan Island because his intention is to be able snorkling with satisfaction from dawn to dusk island hornets all also stop by the floating garden basring see captive sharks. The route Surabaya (11pm ready togo)-Sidoarjo-Bangil-Pasuruan-Probolinggo(rest)-Paiton-Pasirputih-Situbondo(rest&breakfast)-Baluran-Desa Basring more details can check on google map yap ...

The night trip usually is full of excitement. end morning about 5 o'clock we got Situbondo do not forget to stop at a typical pecel stall tasty and cheap Banyuwangi city areas situbondo check nih photo below:

After breakfast we went straight to the beach Kampe (Kape Beach) No arahya if baluran shores before the harbor of Ketapang, Banyuwangi. Nyampai there immediately queued for tickets perkapal normal fare of Rp 500.000, - (including life jacket) PP Kampe-Island Beach Tabuhan for tool rental snorklingnya 25.000, -for fin sometimes there is sometimes baseball. Then when pingin stopped by gentlemen to basring per person plus Rp 5000, -. Now from the beach Kampe also be directly to the island of Menjangan lo but yes it must first booking when fit again crowded but just quietly like I yesterday ya ready as long as the waves can directly support. For a more complete rates can directly check http: //
but we just came yesterday directly to the place.

The last time we were there was a lot of tourists entourage to the island wasp so boisterous atmosphere really so finally we had to wait their turn to get the rental boats and boat accessories underwater around 5-6 PP we will be escorted to the island Tabuhan.

Until wasp island .... Island is located 20km from the city of Banyuwangi many akseskok if it is to come here with an area of ​​about 5 hectares of the island so yes if you want around the island will not make our tired legs as well as a good overall color of the water unspoiled islands underwater atmosphere is still good but the cleanliness was lacking a lot of garbage hanging around because local managers lack urged the tourists to it but hopefully it tersentuhlah their conscience if his intention really want to preserve the island and surrounding Tabuhan

Accessories Our direct war persisapkan to explore this wasp island ... the seconds passed, minute by minute, hour by hour finally we are satisfied and the return of all stop by to see the floating houses basring shark shark though we could not photograph but turns out there are many fish.

After a tired we finally rushed foraging red and white hotel around street Banyuwangi ... hahaha in order to connect the energy to preparing the next day trip to the crater wurung..Okay fibrosis we take a break for up to part 2 ...

Monggo enjoyed the photos and videos:

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