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Gulf Blue (Blue Bay) A Hidden Beauty at the End of East Java Island

Greetings wildlife! Trip this time to tell you a touring trip around the East Java which still precisely east tip of the island of Java, namely to TNAP (national parks purwo base) but this time we were down a section of national park directly opposite the bernanma bali blue bay.

Target sueto team this time is to find a place that can explore for snorkeling blue bay eventually elected as the main destination consideration because here unspoiled nature and not many people know what the "Blue Bay".

Perhaps many terbesit ketelinga us that "Greenbay" that if Greenbay tour is already known and is located in TNMB (Betiri Meru National Park) .. Well if in this blue bay in Banyuwangi. The journey starts from Surabaya teamwork 14and gathered dipom Aloha gasoline around 10 pm we went to Banyuwangi route can be seen digoogle folder are: Surabaya-Sidoarjo-Bangil-Pasuruan-Probolinggo-Klakah-Lumajang-Jember-Gumintir-Glenmore-Genteng-Muncar.

At the time of our ongoing trip obstacles are one of the experienced personnel kebocora tires. Therefore yowes we could stop and take a break. About 1 hour and a half drive back proceed directly to the dismissal of the square Jember for the content of the fuel and then immediately proceed to the tiles, already around 6am we got tile for breakfast and eventually disease came namely sleepy but the trip was continued until Muncar end promptly at 8 am ,

Then we immediately checked in the inn and preparation to prepare to dock at 9 am. Yup from our lodging for the short walk to the motorboat were commandeered pack Ismail et al.
Our journey takes menyesuri purwo base east coast during the 3 hour trip made us amazed keindahaan offered blue bay area. Unfortunately we did come too late and did not get to see the sunrise in the east muncar but never mind might be time view of this time was already too good.
The waves calm continued to follow us until we finally arrived at the spot three areas for snorkling this is where we begin to enjoy the underwater beauty of unspoiled around bay blue while snorkeling there also along beaches until the trip we continue the journey to the spot 4 continued with a break and a bite to eat together eat mackerel typical muncar..hmmm so far so good feel comfortable at all to eat together with nature this time.

It was getting late just so we just continue traveling to spots 1 and 2 because the journey is still long. While resting the kids want to fly the flag of the spirit of heroism in the water, there is also the planting of coral reefs mudayang only grow about 1cm a year passed until dusk because the first bay area blue is often taken their natural resources in a way bombed by the parties therefore responsible for the conservation area and the base purwo muncar start again tried to replant the seedlings so that the beauty of the sea coral loss can come back at least to continue to remain stable.

Sunsetpun towards the end we decided to go back kepenginapan to immediately break because tomorrow there is still a long journey again around 270km towards Surabaya. And enjoy a night of the week a little crowded in this area.

In the morning we start getting ready for checkout from the lodge around 9am. We also given souvenirs typical fish crackers lo muncar feels good after I fried at home. Oh yes, do not forget to stop by the fish market are also close the inn's getting more tolerable morning can make a souvenir family enjoying the local seafood.

After that we went straight up the mountain gumintir for breakfast diwarung-hour roadside stalls around 11an until then unplug 1pm and immediately fast track to Surabaya around 18.30. This trip may be useful for the reader THx bro ..

Hopefully we can continue to inspire the reader to continue to enjoy the natural wealth of the country itself and of course he preserved and maintained as freely as we can go in every place that we tread must have rules and follow the rules it wisely.

Documentation following:

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Access :

For very easy access from the roof can be seen in the map below, the course also has a smooth asphalt able to pass cars also then from muncar headed to TPI / muncar fish market that continues to meet districts muncar hall.

Amenities :
Facilities provided include a full bed, bathroom, parking area around the inn that night a lot of selling some food near a supermarket and easy access atm.

For package reservations / booking and to wonder transport can directly go to this link :

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