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Tips on How to Protect Coral Reefs When Snorkeling

HI! Greeting Wildlife..Sueto will discuss about the "reefs" which may be expected to become extinct in the next century if not preserved. Living coral reef underwater exotic and beautiful. If you've never been snorkeling before, it's time you try! But be sure to maintain continuity with some tips when we are supposed to be tourists snorkling friendly and constantly thinking in to help protect this fragile ecosystem. The following tips:

  1. Do not touch, walking or standing on coral. Even slight touching or dragging equipment snorkel over the reef can kill the entire colony.
  2. Do not remove / eliminate anything about living or dying coral reefs, but annoying junk.
  3. Do not feed the fish or other organisms. Other marine fish may become dependent on the food given to them instead of naturally seek food.
  4. Aware of where you go in and out while snorkeling to avoid stepping on corals.
  5. Aware of where you go in and out while snorkeling to avoid stepping on corals.
  6. Keep your fins of kicking sand and coral harm. Stirred sand can block sunlight for photosynthesis needs of marine algae provide energy for the coral.
  7. Swim slowly and straight in horizontal.T This will avoid touching the coral can cause a crash and anti stung by marine organisms ..
  8. Swim with your legs, not with your hands as easier to use fins. Sebaiknnya you wearing pengambang device / life jacket if you are a new swimmer or swim tend to get bored.
  9. When a snorkel trip, make sure that the boat using the anchor and chain moorings- can kill corals except sandy place. Then make sure all garbage is stored beforehand in the vessel should not be disposed of at sea, especially plastic waste.
Tips :

  • Is a good idea to invest your wear or wetsuits if you snorkel with sting marine organisms.
  • Educate yourself as much as possible about the coral reefs have a strong understanding of the environment before entering the area.
  • Snorkling practice as much as you can before entering the water, that way you will avoid accidentally touching the coral or get yourself hurt later.

Warning :

  • Lest you unknowingly stepped on a sea urchin, coral accidentally touching sharp or stinging marine organisms.
  • It is good to realize / predict the tide and the waves so you do not have an accident while looking down when you are snorkeling.

Hope it is useful :)


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