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National Heroes Day 10 November 2015 (Suetoclub)

Hi Back Salam Wildlife! For a review of commemorating the services of Heroes that you're the foundation kita to review Continues Fight to save and maintain domestic prosperity by-Husband And kesehjahteraan people, for the sake of natural beauty, for keanekargaman tribe, for the sake of wealth findings of their ground, for the continuation of Life People Bergama The intolerant whether kita be Stopped And here is NOT Seeing that the future Children Grandchildren kita industrial NOT know how to struggle to unite the nation initials Again BECAUSE The erosion of a sense of nationalism Against Yourself Posted THEREFORE struggle of the hero can be expressed Unfinished! As sentences BURNING careful review of Continuously excited against occupation and oppression From Home motherland initials. Although storms, rain, weather malignant hatipun It should not budge one bit for the sake of protecting the flame In the spirit of the heroic heart. Thank you for your services Heroes nation will not be forgotten for Indonesia beloved husband (greetings by suetoclub)

Telling Event 10 November 1945 in Surabaya
In World War II, Japan Lose declared from Allied. Allies landed in Semarang, led by Brigadier General Posted Betheli. Arriving ON October 20, 1945. MEANWHILE, the Allied forces that landed in Surabaya led by General AWS Mallaby Posted ON Date October 25, 1945.
Reviews for the review of the Allied Forces Coming to Indonesia in charge of taking care of the Japanese Army. But his arrival Accompanied NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration). NICA is a Dutch army Want Back Mastering Indonesia.
War 10 November 1945 in Surabaya. ON Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Arrival Allied Just aim for a review of the Japanese Army to disarm weapons and liberating prisoners of war. But then the Allies invaded Kalisosok Prison, Surabaya and free up some Dutch officer held captive disana.Tindakan The Allies then is spread leaflets (pamphlets) that contains the commands for the people to surrender their weapons Surabaya heart Time 2 × 24 hours. ALSO Allied troops occupied the air base and important buildings.
Surabaya The known folk WITH Arek-Arek Surabaya then attacked the Allies. There was a battle for two days, and the people of Surabaya SUCCESSFUL seize buildings occupied That Has Been Posted Allies. ON October 29, 1945, President Sukarno, Drs.Moh.Hatta And Mr.Amir Syarifudin Arrive in Surabaya. On the same day reached agreement Indonesian ANTARA And Allied reviews for review of a cease Weapons (termination Shoot shoot).
November 9, 1945, the Allies issued a warning (ultimatum). Contains ITU warning that the leaders and people of Indonesia The Armed Reporting and handed senjatanya.Tanggal 10 November 1945 Surabaya attacked Of Land, Sea and Air. Great battles also occurred, led Posted Bung Tomo. Surabaya fighters withdrew And Start doing Guerrilla War. To commemorate the heroic fighters of Surabaya, then set November 10 AS-day hero. And Surabaya city got the nickname ALSO AS town hero.

Photographs Nationalism Themes From Muncar Banyuwangi (teaser) will Appear in extreme touring the next article :)

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