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Hi Greetings wildlife! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Yup Sueto team in August 2015 had a plan to Menjangan island in Bali to Bali ... yes! ... Take a long holiday plans for snorkeling and island elected Mejangan for touring destination this time. For the route can be listened below:

Access to Menjangan Island can be reached via several routes lo ...

1.Rute Surabaya-Ketapang-Gilimanuk-Labuhan Lalang
These ply the harbor is near only need 20min from Gilimanuk take direction Singaraja bali national park entrance west side of the road there is a plaque inscribed harbor weeds. If it can take a bus from Denpasar Gilimanuk majors later at the junction towards singaraja can ride public transportation. yesterday we passed through here to fare ticket can be seen in the photo below:

the total price divided by the 10 because the content of the first boat 10
2.Rute Banyuwangi-Ketapang-Gilimanuk-Labuhan Lalang-Banyuwedang
For Banyuwedang this route if you after passing through the harbor passing approximately 30 minutes from Gilimanuk. If Banyuwedang many resort or inn for who need lodging in the harbor weeds that no lodging but the distance is too close. If from the Bedugul or Singaraja city closest to Menjangan Banyuwedang ya can pass this.

3. Route to Menjangan Via Banyuwangi through Bunder (Basring Underwater)
This route if the northern coast line passes directly to the village office basring continues towards the floating houses bunder for transit and then proceed to the island deer. A trip that passed through here full boat probably about 2 hours when the weather is nice. Oh yes bunder floating home we can try Swim With Shark. Need CP hub: 08123351548, 085203244444. But yes for I do not feel that is not stepped on the island of Bali and gentlemen hehe.

4. These Watudodol coast through Banyuwangi
Yup before you headed to the port of ketapan no beach at the north coast path name Watudodol beach, my friend can all Menjangan island to pass this lunkhead Watu beach rental boat around Rp 600,000, -an then report to the rangers post TNBB (West Bali National Park) precisely in office brumbun bay fishing resort on the introduction already know, so safely attempted.

Menjangan Island Snorkeling and Diving Spot
Marine tourism park Menjangan Island has a coral wall that is 60 meters to the complex rock formations. Its rock formations to form caverns and little habitat for corals, soft corals, groupers, moray eels, sea horses, turtles and reef sharks. Many small caves and keeping fish alive for example, small snapper and batfish are seen fro. A stunning underwater scenery with depth and a calm sea currents make there karfang reef habitats of the fish.

Actually there are 8 dive spots have been identified to have underwater scenery amazing, the Eel Garden, Coral Garden, Pos I, Heading II, Bat Cave, Temple Point, Anchor Wreck, and Secret Bay.Setiap diversity and the spot has its own characteristics, but average -rata a coral wall. Almost all types of reef fish can be found at any point of the dive. Fish, angelfish, moorish idol, batfish, clownfish to fish spanish dancer can we meet. An amazing view with small fish and coral that can disandigkan with other natural tourist spot that class Great Barrier Reef in Australia there.

For example, at a point called Anchor Wreck diving at a depth of 45 meters, there is the wreck of the Dutch complete with rusty anchor. The estimated ship sunk during World War II.Kapal the sinking ship called Slaves for allegedly transporting slaves from Bali to Batavia (Jakarta). In this part of the ship, can still be found the crate crates filled with bottles of ceramics and glass bottles are now overgrown with soft corals. The wreck is now a habitat for turtles and reef sharks.

Eel Garden one tourist spot deer marine park located next to the western part of the island of Menjangan and was named as the best diving spots. As the name implies, in this region inhabited a large number of colonies of garden eels and sea fans. In addition shimmering white sand beaches is the main attraction of this region Eel Garden.

That island Menjangan has been introduced but if you do not try so maybe you're out of luck just no time no experience hehe Below time to time the trip Suetoclub team.

Our trip itinerary departing Saturday night.

8-10 hours p.m

Plan departs at 8 pm delayed 2 hours we finally departed from Surabaya 10 hours later from the temple Sidoarjo about an hour and a half 11 skuard new team gathered all we fix finally departed unison at the club tuberculosis (Transit Bike Club) hahaha ..

Hours 12 p.m - at 1 a.m

Up in Probolinggo stopping short break Indomaret stopping for a while to wait yet until then proceed directly to the town of Situbondo

At 2 a.m - at 3 a.m

Some personnel had reached the town of Situbondo and several other people have trouble in Besuki because of a flat tire, etc., finally finished the problem around 3 am.Akhirnya the first group in the town of Situbondo break into two groups (TBC) break at Hotel Panarukan.

At 6 a.m - at 8 a.m

The first group went directly to the port of ketapan past the town of Situbondo-Baluran National Taman-Watu dodol-Port Ketapang sempet pom stopping briefly and a little breakfast.
Group 2 (TBC) is trying to clean up a little break because one of the motors there is trouble again in the town of Situbondo.

A.m- hours 9 hours 10 a.m

Has set foot in Bali, exactly in the port of Gilimanuk then locate breakfast for recharging briefly then continued the journey to the West Bali National Park from the port take direction Singaraja no live followed her guide only.
Group 2 (TBC) has departed from the white sand toward the base glaze.

Hours 10 a.m - 10:30 a.m

The first group had reached the harbor Lalang well here we are hunting at the ticket counters are provided and because it was too crowded many Balinese people themselves want to cross to the island of Menjangan because they want to worship and perform custom event. While waiting for the boat back we wrote photographs. Oh yes the boat to this deer is allowed to load passengers plus 2, Book 10 because at that time there was a group 1 cuman 8 finally we find unison again for two people meet deh boat came, we prepare and set off bro ..

The second group (TBC) set foot in Bali Gilimanuk port around 1 pm and immediately proceed to search the hostel / lodging for an overnight break at the resort deer. The plan next morning they had snorkling with spots of different purposes.

Hours 12 a.m - at 3 p.m

Moments we enjoy one of the beauty beneath the sea in Indonesia, on the island of Menjangan please refer to the documentation hopefully make us continue to be grateful and continue to care for and preserve the beauty of the underwater Indonesia wherever we are. Here are the photos:

Having satisfied our snorkeling ... We also have a plan to the lake bedugul via the north but what power we experienced some trouble one punctures were no cessation haha just one motor matic's all leaky. Finally we decided to take a break and enjoy the sunset on the beach sun only (Sunbeach). Here are the photos:

7 hours p.m- at 9 p.m

We immediately returned to the port of Gilimanuk after dinner intend to check-in directly to the front of the hotel in the town of Situbondo Panarukan to break.

At 10 p.m - 1 a.m

Evening winding journey, especially the thrill of passing pedestal Baluran and dueled following the bus loudly too cold night. Finally before checkin at the front of the hotel Panarukan us hungry again, eat again, drink coffee for a moment then breaks up at 6 am to go directly back to Surabaya.

Hours 10 a.m - 11 a.m hours

Finally we get to Surabaya, Sidoarjo and then immediately after stopping by a coffee moment in Probolinggo. Alhamdulillah returned safely. Fore cruiser ready to travel again to give the best information to readers Suetoblog all ... hehe Freedom!

For the second group will be snorkeling around 10 am at the same time and returned to Surabaya about 12 o'clock at night entered the next day.

Here's the video:

Thank you for your attention may be useful for all readers and keep save the world

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