Sabtu, 04 Juli 2015

Tamban beach Malang (SUETO)

Greetings Wildlife ... .Haum! Ha2 ... This time we'll go to the beach Tamban touring the number of personnel 6 people from Surabaya initial intention sebenarny want to cruise lines Blue Spring Beach pingin tau Sempu island as well. it was found many alternative pathways south coast Malang yes Tamban this one. Tamban beach is located approximately 65km from the city of Malang is located adjacent to the beach blue spring. It lies precisely located in the village of Tambakrejo excl. Sumbermanjing Wetan. There are 2jalur of Malang city if you want to Tamban Coast lines 1 through Malang city-Pakisaji-Kepanjen-Godang legi-Turen-Sumbermanjingwetan-Tambakrejo-Tamban and lane 2 Malang city-Bululawang-Turen-Sumbermanjingwetan-Tambakrejo-Tamban.

The beach is so still maintained the authenticity and beauty. Which makes this beach looks beautiful and interesting because everything on the beach is still completely natural. Tamban beach has a very beautiful white sand glistening sunshine forged. The tourists can also watch the island Sempu through Tamban Beach. This region has a hobby that is suitable for camping. Although the beach Tamban existing natural classified township residents so do not worry if you need to eat and drink there is also a retail gasoline for the motorcycle ran out of gas because gas stations do not exist. Already available are also showers and public toilets which are useful for abis play water at the beach. Approximately jam3 more we nyampe beach passes through a rather winding village road asphalt slightly damaged but the area around the beach a nice asphalt road again. I think it's time seh no admission g beach so we just parked motorcycle on the beach and take pictures

Wes having satisfied playing on the beach we immediately clean up in a public bathroom and preparations Blue Spring tuk towards the coast. Wait continuation next trip together SUETO ...

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