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Beach Sanggar, Patuk Gebang, Ngalur an Amazing Beauty by Suetoclub

Greetings wildlife!Unrelenting we talked about the journey of the beautiful tours in Indonesia and is still in eastern Java to fill Lebaran holiday trip in 2015.This time itis said that came from return home to Jombang H+2 we decided to conduct explorationto the region tulungagung, choose the tourist area of some tours of nice beaches in the district, namely beach patuk gebang because we interested with gebros and issuean extreme way.

We were off morning around 8. Depart 7 people and left 5 people stay haha..Karena many roads we can really be set off from Jombang together only to pare the city after that we choose the road I pass each direction Kelud past several districts , take one more pass pare kediri direction, the other one is via the south blitar. Because advised streets rather padet time because it is the holiday season in unison. See below the track we all can make a tasty alternative path which reached from Surabaya and Jombang-Tulungagung

  • Track 1 dari Mojowarno-Bareng-Pare-Kediri-Badal-Keras-Tulungagung-Boyolangu(prigi direct)-Campur Darat-Desa Gamping-Tanggunggunung-Sanggar
  • Track 2 dari Mojowarno-Bareng-Pare-Djengkol-Wates-Wonodadi-Ngantru-Tulungagung-Boyolangu(arah prigi)-Campur Darat-Desa Gamping-Tanggunggunung-Sanggar
  • Track 3 dari Mojowarno-Bareng-Pare-Djengkol-Wates-Blitar-Rejotangun-Tulungagung-Boyolangu(arah prigi)-Campur Darat-Desa Gamping-Tanggunggunung-Sanggar

Town by townwe passed and finally until the last districts that Tanggunggunung may abbreviation of mountains responsibility because this area a lot line of hills typical of the southern sea area. At that time we also learned that apparently pecking beach geban go hit turns into one studio area with beaches and beach ngalur if such it is a coincidence.

Finally reunited team of searchers checkpoint at the entrance to the Sanggar beach but only five people remaining 2 people has yet to still buried Bungkarno (HAHAHA) is finally too late because they decided togo back because there isurgent necessity.

By the way Price Admission to the beach Studio just pulled free donations. Next go track that might be in say offroad originals. Down scooter lift can be made here and the real black mio was visible from overheat terrain trail only just passable only one motorcycle only and if passed yes one must step a side first. There are some very sharp corners and in one of them we pause to cool the black mio these bruises. Take pictures and think for a moment of postalentry if you want the foot will feel very much the way up and down. Maybe for some back packer is suitable but for the in experienced with rental bike course, because the car obviously can not check into the beach. Around 4km approximately tracknya to get to the beach and lots of stray dog seither friendly or not.

Currently there travelling damaged bridge that must be addressed because it is a bridge that is the only access for vehicles going to the beach fortunately the water flow was dry so no problem.

Until the first beach that looks already crowded studio beach visitors there is also camping, we immediately prepare hunt time heading west coast Sanggar is Patuk gebang  coast. Visible terrain passing coincidence rocksseais receding at that time because it was late we got topeckgebang. Tosee the typical pecking banyu gebros gebang also must climb through the hill sand terrain corals really have to be careful, especially for women, fortunately already provided slap rope to climb but  still be aware pal.

Arriving at the main cliff scenery can be quite satisfying because we can see the landscape as a whole beach area here, visible along the coast Sanggar eyes from a distance and there is a beach east ngalur are still clean sand beaches like paradise for beach cruisers. Some of the activities we do while waiting for a good moment banyu gebros.

Did not feel the time is prolonged night travelers may we be most night time except the open tent, about 6pm we checked out from the coast through the streets that had been increasingly exciting night Abis terrain is actually more challenging at night. Out of districts Tanggunggunung our trip still left about 3 hours to get to Mojowarno while return at a leisurely pace we had stopped in the square Tulungagung 10.40 hours for dinner and we got ready to rest for the next day Mojowarno back to Surabaya. Hopefully this story helpful continued to talk continue working comrades  100 days for the sake of readers around Indonesia! Haha

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