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Wonderfull Kawah Ijen with SUETO (English Version)

Hi Friends Readers! Greetings wildlife! Here Early Journey SUETO 2009 Its really extreme! Starting from the Plan more! Initially somehow thought that finally was Decided Operates where self-taught and ... .Kawah Ijen was the goal. Departing From Tom Raider (Base Camp Sueto) WITH APPROXIMATELY 5 hours 9 hours Participants Namely Tom n Kindy (Pulsar200), Rithy n Suehel (Megapro) n Sando (SupraX14o bore up! Xixixi). Here's initials Travel Reviews These would be arriving: Surabaya-Sidoarjo-Porong-Gempol-Pasuruan-Probolinggo-Paiton-Besuki-Bondowoso -Wonosari-Sukosari-Sempol.
With Extreme passion passionate we managed nyampe Probolinggo with 1hr mean traveling around jam10an. Arriving in the town of Probolinggo we stopped eating at roadside stalls sueto Also children eat ducks goreng..karena indeed no one has eat departure time xixixi ... After 1 / 2hours eat we were Immediately unplug. About 45 minutes we got a nice paiton..Wuih Paiton power plant scenery at night Eventually we too take time for photographs ..

The Paiton when our photographs officer was caught on Because there was already warning of surveillance cameras but we ignored finally I'm Tom, Kindy, Rithy called Sando and Suehel down and there was a police guard who Came to us asking our identity and warned not to Be photo- jangkuan..xixixxixi outside photo but fortunately we've not matter take photographs so no matter if it's a good look for something limited. Then the journey continues straight to Bondowoso. Of Paiton about 2 hours until Bondowoso after passing through hilly terrain roomates naek way down ... after that we rest a little while coffee warms the body remember the morning the water we increasingly dingin. Take photo opportunity again in alun-alun Bondowoso ...

 After Ngopi around 3 am we set off from the town heading straight Bondowoso Ijen crater nah time we got separated while traveling through forest roads do not think that the odd-anehdan morning light through roads that have not been overly ancur! how nice tourist Ijen this area can move forward because of the way alone is not Considered (but now in 2015 is good) ... but what usually heading to the place where nice indeed have to go through the struggle huh? why most so that they look natural .... (By The Way) Baguuuuuuuus (good place) Ahhhhh! Finally we until well together despite a split in the forest. Nice views of the morning in the area around the crater of Ijen and the coffee plantations ....! Come morning about half 5 has a lot of tourists are queuing list in the first post ... While he Ijen Going on to see the sights around coffee plantations really nice and we photograph again cuy ...

Huh Brrrrrrrrrrrrr cold iiiiiiiiiiiin Temperatures in Ijen if really cold mornings for Reviews those who are less usual for cold state at Ijen carefully ... shivering! After feeling very cold we went straight to the post 2 or the motorcycle car park

 Description: The crater is an acidic crater lake located on top of Mount Ijen, East Java, has a height of 2368 meters above sea level with a depth of 200 meters and a vast crater lake Reached 5466 hectares. Ijen crater is within the Park Reserve Travel Ijen, the regency, East Java.Incidentally there is no shop We also bought breakfast of bread and milk eliminates freezing, preparation set out to climb to the crater of Ijen. Approximately jam6an rising more we are ready to leave for the climb ... the path is g too hard though so haha ​​... Suhel n sando too slow in climbing along the 3km journey we are going through a bit-by-bit meter-permeter with other climbers climbers Although majority-Caucasians Also there local tourists during the trip We also met the two who carry on his shoulders seem sulfur heavy weight people said sulfur can be up to 90kg per person per bakulnya more ... we climbed Predictably extreme passion and take pictures with the circumstances surrounding the sulfur carrier was Also very friendly to the climbers have a picture when we make-the climb exciting ... last ....
After a few moments the climb had Reached the post weigh Sulfur there if you buy a drink or eat Indomie aja kok ... We stopped Briefly at that time soalanya quick break my stomach. fortunately Sando carrying a black drug. he2 finally once again that we photograph dunk ..
After a 2-hour ascent is finally arrived at the peak of Ijen death ... Wuihhhhhh scenery viewed from the summit crater of Ijen was amazing. The atmosphere is pleasant to feel good in the landscape and natural atmosphere makes nature lovers Became interested in exploring this Ijen mountain. In addition to a recreation of the most beautiful places in the region Bondowoso Ijen mountain region is Often used young children as a suitable camping spot. Ijen is a large lake with a bluish-green haze and smoke sulfur that is fascinating. In addition, the cold water with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, even can reach a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, will add a cool sensation for Reviews those who are not accustomed to feel the water in the crater of Ijen. A variety of plants that exist only in the highlands can also be found, such as Edelweiss Flowers and Pine mountain.Yuk we see photograp check this out!

 After take pictures in the area Ijen crater we were coming down with a sense of excitement, relief, pride and of course Eventually tired after a motorcycle post in our parking break and eat at stalls around approximately 2 hours until siang..Setelah body Seemed to fit us any headed home well here begins with a unique story begins suprax140 the gasoline engine runs a little tank be2k understand ... Eventually even 3 people refuel (Sando, Suehel n Hilmy) Well in Kindy off first but had told friends that it would pause in waterfalls around the way back to the beginning or the first post ... I n Kindy arrived at the waterfall shortly afterwards my friend through with hardness to the extent that our voice is not heard when they finally call a little after taking photos at the Immediately we waterfall catch up children ..

After I n Kindy to post asking turns out they both do not pack the post Also did not know anyways no signal so that other children also can not contact the end we Decided to find a signal at a distance of Bondowoso town just two hours away from the Ijen we think maybe friends Also directly to the city ... Approximately jm 5 nyampe Bondowoso we finally we telephone was still there in the region but has been out so ijen ad dech forced signal I ma Kindy wait Bondowoso city of about one hour while clay Carnaval who happens to show heart ... Before the evening prayer that about half 7AN we finally met and instantly mate to continue the journey home. Until  half 9  in Paiton area we are finally there coffee and rest while waiting for the story events waiting in the Ijen ...

 Finally continue the story Sando, Suehel and Rithy when lost and forced me n Kindy waiting in Bondowoso ... Apparently there is misinformation n ngeyel Rithy suspects! Ha2 ... Rithy n Kindy said that I went to a waterfall a distance of more than 1 hour post awl entry ijen whereas Sando n Suehel already Feeling to the waterfall that Kindy visit Tom n Because it is from the beginning up to the Ijen already told you ... Finally the three of them strayed into the other waterfall before finally they were too far behind to post initial entry and asked if the motorcycle ijen Tom Pulsar200 already passed the pack post was said not endlessly 3 people increasingly indecisive? and Decided to return to the city Bondowoso (though at that time I've n Kindy after that Bondowoso city) that place phone rang and finally get connected mobile phone signal and meet ... .ha2 ...! Finally after coffee in Paiton Immediately we finally return to home base Tom in Sidoarjo and until about the night jam11 more
Note: Just a note to members of other SUETO preferably in the course of one individual do not know-and if any info please confirmed together so that others know ... For reducing the occurrences of unwanted as missing, lost, incorrect information, and confusing each other could lead to a confrontation in the team ...! Ha2 important ... exciting journey and extreme ..
The trip Also taken 2 days 1 malem from 9 pm until turning back the next day and a half 12an jm nonstop without any breaks remain in place only stopped at the shop or a decent place made a break.

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