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Wide Quality Movies

Of course, for you who love to download movies then the quality of the film to be considered for downloading or not because if its quality is still bad means that we will lose the quota is used.
Make sure the quality of the films we want to download before disappointed. Here is the explanation:

1. CAM
The most ugly quality, picture recordings from a camcorder in a movie theater, his voice also take some of the built-in microphone handycamnya, so sometimes if anyone passed ato front of the screen there are people who eat popcorn kenceng-kenceng could be next to come recorded.

2. TS (Telesync)
Just wrote like CAM, but he was already overwritten use his voice sounds good, but the picture quality is just the same.

3. R5 / DVD Screener (forget which came first, the combined first)
R5 is a DVD which was released in the countries of the former USSR unfortunate first, i do not understand, there may be rare cinema times, but the quality of R5 already passable and good for viewing. DVD Screener if it's some kind of sample that is sent to the DVD shops for diputer there. Because cuman sample, so often there watermarknya, for example, the words "this video belongs to Warner .Co" etc.

4. DVDRip
Rip from the original DVD. DVD is already released video taken just continue. Extra features, audio commentaries, etc. discarded. The quality of picture and sound should be the same like the original DVD already.

5. DVD Full (<- prankster who want to download it)
Dijadiin original DVD .iso file continues uploaded. The amount could be more 4GB, but it just so-so. Palingan beginian builders who want to download pirated DVD, if only want to watch yourself anyway, why ...

6. Blu-Ray / HD-Rip 720p / 1080p
Just like DVDRip, but that is ngambilnya of Blu-Ray. image quality is already no need to doubt. The problem is what the download wait baseball? CAM
Cam usually called Rip Movies are recorded using a video camera which is usually carried out secretly. Well if agan like watching a movie then there is the middle of the silhouette / images through the head, through the agency hahaha ... it die type of CAM. Figure rocking and tiba2 dark (because it was blocked) are used in the middle of the film. The most exciting is no natural dubbing .. for example fitting a funny incident, do not be surprised audience laughter choir also recorded .. if voice quality issues gan, enough to make ear fatigue .. how not the voice so shrill hehehe ..

Telesync like bgt same type of CAM except that it uses external sound source (usually diambir of an audio jack in the bleachers who had hearing problems ... in Indonesia there like this?). Well .. the sound of applause and laughter of the audience already succeeded in eliminating even though not entirely good sound quality .. Still sounds sometimes interference or noise commonly called backround noise. Most types of TS recorded in many theaters that are empty so the pictures tolerable was the absence of head hahaha ..


Telechine machine (Telecinema) copy (duplicate) digital movies directly from tape movie projector (reels). Picture and sound is pretty good anyway gan but due to the development of tools telesinema and fairly expensive manufacturing costs make this type is rare in the market.

Workprint (WP)
This video is usually made of a film version have not so aka half-baked .. Usually this type of loss effect2 films, without text, msh no "time index marker", sometimes no watermark, etc. Usually this version out if the film is a film that dinanti2 alias box office candidates so that the intention just so spread / distribute a half-baked version that the dead guns curious hehehe ... The most excited first film Man In Black II (MIIB) where its WP version outstanding with all the alien-alien guns there, as Blom finished rendered computer use .. confused, bewildered that watching ..!

Screener (SCR): DVDscr, DVDscreener, BDscr
The SCR is a pre-release of a film that is usually recorded in the VHS format Kaser distributed by the filmmakers to rental stores, media, television for promotional purposes. Its main characteristic is in the midst of a movie like no running text (ticker) which contains the words ata promotional information on the movie page. Sometimes just appear bbrp seconds but there is also a featured throughout the film. If his most rese large

Is the result of copies of VHS tapes that have been released officially. Nowadays already rare but most of this type are sports video, recorded TV, and of course bluefilm.


This is the result of the copy of the DVD that has been released officially. These qualities match the original DVD which is usually the region and copy protection information has been paralyzed by the ripper so DVDRip is easy to distribute. This type is usually distributed in the form of a DVD or SVCD and DivX / XviD (in places donwload film).

Scene Release Group rarely releases with tag RC
RC was actually HD version of R5 with BluRay as a video source and are usually the source of the sound is still using version R5.
"R" the Region, and is divided into three: RA - RB - RC
* Region A (RA) includes most North, Central and South American and Southeast Asian countries plus the Republic of China (Taiwan), Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.
* Region B (RB) includes most European, African and the southwest Asian countries plus Australia and New Zealand.
* Region C (RC) contains the remaining central and south Asian countries, as well as the People's Republic of China and Russia.

TVRip: TVRip (analog), (HD) TVRip, DSrip, STV, DVBRip, PDTV, HR.HDTV, 720p H

This is a movie recorded from a TV using recording devices such as VHS recorder, or DVR Betacam. So capturenya source of connection coaxial / composite / s-video port. That loh red wire, yellow, white like there behind TV / VCD / DVD Player. If the s-video cable forms a single black where its port pin-nya.Jenis many of his films are very varied .. start Dr. real movies, documentaries, TV shows, music concerts, video clips, etc .. If the ripper- Her slacker type, all the same advertisements be recorded ..

Usually, this film is an episode of a TV broadcast that usually digitally recorded from broadcast networks Cable TV / digital TV / Satellite TV. Ciri2 film is usually the flicker on the film and some parts containing artifacts (That loh trus kayak crashed VCD picture boxes ..). Because broadcast over Cable TV, usually no extra broadcasts that are not on TV edition normally. For instance, behind the screen, comments, etc .. 

TVRip usually diencoding into fullscreen resolution of 512 × 384
PDTV (Pure Digital) is TVRip recorded using a digital TV PCI card (using a computer gan jamming his capture). The best results are compared to other TVRip. PDTV usually diencoding into fullscreen resolution of 512 × 384 and 640 × 352 for widescreen
WEBrip / WEB-DL (Mostly on TV Shows releases)
WEBRip version is the result of a rip (copy) of a website with good quality.

WEB-DL is usually sourced from the iTunes Store or
Web-site provider of feature films / TV with good quality. WEB-DL usually have better quality than HDTV for using DD 5.1, the file size is also larger than HDTV. The WEB-DL version is also usually there are no TV logo / ad running under screen as found in the HDTV version
Blu-Ray Rip: BDRip, BRRip, BDRip.XviD, 1080p.Blu-Ray.x264 / 720p, Blu-Ray.x264, BDR, Blu-Ray, BD5 / BD9

Same thing with the video source DVDRip only Blu-ray is taken from the official release. BD / BR Rip DVD packaged in a better-than-DVD-Rip although the same size because they come from a better source. BD Rips are usually available in DVD-Rip sized releases (commonly 700MB to 1.4GB / film) which in encoding in XviD format and release DVD5 / DVD9 (4.5GB size usually ++) which in encoding the x.264 format. Special releases BD5 / BD9 are also compatible with AVCHD (= Advanced Video Coding High Definition 

R5- format for the recording and playback of high definition video) so it can be burned as a DVD and in-paly in Blu-Ray player that is compatible with the AVCHD standard

R5 means a special DVD that was released for region 5 (area of ​​the former Soviet Union, India, Africa, North Korea and Mongolia). The fundamental difference R5 dg regular version adlh that this version was produced with direct transfer telecine / TC without image processing / rendering / encoding.

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