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Ways That Allows For Not Lost When Doing Climbing Mount

Climb the mountain and down the jungle is an activity that requires stamina and high memory. Before climbing are suggested to bring food and drinks were more than enough, is to anticipate the possibility of climbing time delay due to weather or lost.

When lost in mountaineering, better calm and do not panic. So that the physical condition and stamina to stay awake. Calmness can also have an impact on the clarity of mind so that the climber is able to save himself from the lostness.

And the following tips in order not to get lost in mountaineering
1. Kala lost, never descending into the valley. Slip into higher ground in order to easily perform field orientation.
2. Each climber must have the determination or the will to live. Do not just want to be free of lostness. Intention is what will give them the spirit of seeking a way out and do not give up.
3. Kala climb, do not make the summit as a destination. The ascent must be passed to the process along the way so you can get back down safely.
4. Do not ever feel as strong, great, and rooster. Although it has been often climb the mountain, you still have to be vigilant and study the terrain to be taken.
5. About 80 percent of nature lovers died on the mountain in the middle of sleep or rest position. Because when tired, sleep climber in body condition is not well protected. So cold ambushed body and lower body temperature. As a result, the level of awareness will drop dramatically. (Mountain Climbing for Everybody)

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