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Ways cheerful camping in Nature

1. Establishing Tent. Tents are essential equipment when conducting the camp. There are various types of tents, tent-like dome, pyramid tent, and the tent prism. We need the skills to set up a tent. Here are some tips on the establishment of tent:

1. Look for flat land to set up a tent
2. Prepare equipment such as tent pegs, poles, ropes, etc.
3. Set up a tent made together

Tents are used for camp activities are tents kind of prism. To set up this tent need teamwork. This will make it easier to set up a tent. Here are some hints in setting up a tent:

1. Prepare the tent, poles, ropes, stakes and other equipment
2. Put the tent with its back was on top
3. Install a tent pole
4. Install anyway tent stakes at each corner
5. Establish a tent pole and immediately tied the rope on the peg
6. Attach the front pole then uphold, do not forget to immediately tied with a rope on peg
7. Tie ropes in the corner of the tent stakes
8. Be careful when inserting the pole in the tent roof hole.

Tips for a place to set up a tent:

0. Set up the tent with all the preparations to face the bad weather. although when you set up a tent weather is friendly.

1. Tentukah direction of the wind, and do not put Platoon tent door in the opposite direction the wind comes.

2. Create a good drainage system around the tent.

3. Avoid camping or using a tarp in the river, because in addition to the noisy and many animals can also be dangerous when the river water suddenly overflowed.

4. Keep the hood remains in pristine condition, because we definitely wanted a comfortable resting place.

5. Put the bags in which the tarpaulin tents, pegs the rest and place on the inside of the tent, so if we seek it will be easy morning found.

6. In order for the temperature inside the tent can feel warm, was a tent erected in a place protected from the wind henbusan kencang.tapi if circumstances tent was hot so we could set up a tent with the door in the direction of the wind so that the circulation udar more comfortable and state of the tents were not too stuffy and humid.
7. If we set up a tent on the beach area as well as in the open highlands and rocky, and usually in the local area on a place that weather is not very easy to guess. then avoid using a tent that looks too much to catch the wind. if already then prepare strap fasteners tent at stake in the plug firmly. if necessary, add it to rest on pegs with a heavy stone.
8. Do not set up tents under the trees weathered or brittle. worried about the fall when we sleep. 

9. Anticipation: create a trench around the tent, scatter salt, make a campfire etc

Currently known dome tent for camping and more familiar, parachut made of nylon and fiberglass pole frame as buffer, and wear pads used to shelter alias camping on holiday outside the home and stay a few days wild-free. This tent is impermeable to water, so do not worry take him and exposed to rain.

Prices vary dome tents, there are new but some are sold second, for those who have a lot of money can buy a new one, but for the financial barely able to buy the second, the quality is guaranteed, but to buy a second, consider the carefully, whether the material chute, is there a buffer pole, if there is torn, how base, and therefore before the deal to buy pairs of this dome tent, and carefully before shortcomings, or otherwise bring our friends who understand the world of tents, especially the dome tents this.

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