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Touring Preparation Tips

Everyone can just drive, starting from the type of motor skutter, duck, sport or motorcycle harley though. But if driving with a system group or team, everyone is not necessarily able. Tips Sueto this time, accidentally peeling guide before a long trip. Let us consider the steps below ...

Things that must be done prior to travel :


These plans trip
Determine the route to be traveled, it means uniting the perception of all members of the tour, the route that will be in use. More and more members of the tour, usually the more the opinion that arise, because the experience of each member. Determine the safest route for everything. Neither members of the tour, as well as other road users. Road forget, specify the alternative route, as preparation for the things that are not desirable.

Logistics Plan

The farther away, in distance traveled, meaning logistical tour that should be brought more and more. Among others:

Motorcycle equipment such as wrenches and key ring (all numbers), lock plugs, pliers, spark plugs, inner tube, and bulb (front -belakang).
Supplies themselves as rain jackets and drugs.

Pre touring
Many things can be learned, from gatherings. Like a warm family atmosphere fellow tour members, it is important, given kitaakan traveling, on behalf of the club. So there are no heroes and enemies, everything goes above provisions koordonasi.

Getting ready

Humans can only try, then god is decisive. Praying also as a sign that humans are not arrogant with his Lord.

Vehicle preparation
Check all vehicle devices, such as lights, turn signal, tires, Rante and acceleration of the vehicle engine.

Preparation Riders
Roadworthy are you? Ukuranya is health. Do not force yourself if it is not possible condition.
Screening-a Do T. Clock on the motor

Time is on time. Affirmation to all participants, a road, a span in travel and arrival time.


For Duty
The division of tasks in general, such as who the rider who was in the front, middle and end.
Splitting Klotur (Group Touring)
Klotur or so-called Group of Touring. Divided according to the level of mastery of the road, experience, leadership and spirit of each participant.
Selection of Group Participants
The sense is not far degan klotur (touring group). What distinguishes the level of the group of participants were under klotur.


This remains an important point, from point one to the last, will not have value without any evaluation. The goal is clear, the future is getting no improvement.

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