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Touring Own or Use Guides

Whether because of cultural guyub highly viscous or familiar "spoiled", we want to be served in everything so that the level of independence of Indonesia in terms of roads less encouraging. Indonesian tourists, both inside and outside the country, are very typical: come ride large buses, wear uniforms, accompanied by the leader of the group and photos along with a large banner in front of the attraction.The streets along the tour is so. When viewing attractions certainly flocked to here and there, and scramble photographs. Indeed, we can see more, but each with a little time.While the streets alone without taking part in the tour also require more complicated preparation which not everyone can do. Though there are certain places are more efficient visited as a group than alone. It could be because the entry permit is not easily obtained or the cost is so expensive when it comes individually.Before you decide whether to join a tour or go it alone, check out some of the following considerations:
1. Local Rules
If you are a woman and want to Saudi Arabia, for example, go with the tour is a more efficient option. Given in Saudi Arabia, women must come up with a mahram, you certainly could not have come alone. Even if you do not have a problem about muhrim, the visa is not easy because of the many people who apply for a visa, especially during busy seasons such as Ramadan.
2. Geographical conditions
Some places have a difficult geographical conditions or the lack of public transportation. For example if you want island hopping (explore the islands) in the Wakatobi. There, lies the far-flung islands and freight only reach certain islands. Consequently you have to rent the ship for there to here with no small cost. Therefore, it would be easier and more efficient if you come with a group, so it could be a joint transportation costs.
3. Itinerary
Look closely itinerary offered a package tour. Often the travel agent making package with many places to visit-when places are located in one area. For example, a travel agent to name a few actual beach adjacent. Then find out the location map. If the itinerary many refer to places with adjacent and easily accessible location, forget to join the tour because it is better you go alone.
4. Lack of preparation
Adequate preparation is the key to exciting trip. Preparation here means the information concerning the location of destination travel, accommodation and transport. Rather than insist on going alone then after a loss as to what to purpose - or it was difficult to reach the location you want, the tour is the right solution. You do not have to join a tour of the place of origin, even less if it joined a local tour destination.
5. The travel mode
If you want to go to places that require flexibility of time, you should go alone. Especially if you are someone who likes to observe small things in detail as relief building. The same is also true for those who like to hang out with the locals. In addition to the limited time, the tour also requires participants to be always in a group. Not good right, more fun admire relief, you are called back to the bus.

If the above tips you're still deciding willing to take a tour or go it alone independently, seek fellow travel and let him make the decisions.

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