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Tips to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Spare Parts

The rise of counterfeiting on vehicle components certainly cause great concern among consumers. Because it should be observed before buying a good spare parts of motorcycles and cars that do not get false. Attorney Toyota Justisiari P Kusuma rate, consumers should be more careful in selecting component parts so as not to get false. How, with the following steps:

1. The price can not be denied, the price becomes one of the many reasons why consumers choose a particular spare parts. But keep in mind, when merchants offer price is skewed to a particular vehicle brand spare parts, you need to be vigilant. For parts that may be offered were false. Because according Justisiari, traders counterfeit parts average lure of low prices to consumers so that they are interested in buying counterfeit parts. "But be careful, too, because the current price difference is usually quite thin with original spare parts," he said.

2. Packaging packaging or wrap of the original component parts usually have the color and the text is clearer than counterfeit parts. In addition, spare parts are not original too often have faded packaging.

3. Material components used Once the packaging is opened, it will usually visible component parts in question. You can pay attention to the details of what kind of materials used in the components. Usually counterfeit parts using components that have more lower quality than the original. "If the original material, for example made of steel, usually iron or even just fake plastic," said Justisiari.

4. Warranty Note also the guarantee provided by the seller. If the item is genuine, the seller will provide warranty directly from the manufacturer of the vehicle in question, such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and so on. But if the seller only provide a warranty or guarantee distributor stores, spare parts can be sure it's a fake. In addition as much as possible look for stores that memasnag label "Genuine Part". Because then usually the seller has been granted a license by the vehicle manufacturer is to sell components and spare parts.

5. Perform service at authorized workshops It is the safest form of action. Because you perform regular service at authorized workshops motor vehicle, then the auto parts products used were genuine. And if you still have a problem after performing a service, you go right back to the shop where you do serve tersbeut, because they usually provide a warranty.


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