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Tips and Trick when Hiking


Mountain climbing in very prone to accidents. The cause is a condition of extreme mountain terrain. Accidents in the mountains usually caused by:

* Chills

* Hunger


Most of the victims of accidents caused by the cold mountain.
Then it is better to act carefully when the cold hit.
As a result of the cold is hypothermia disease, abnormal body condition due to cold (human normal temperatures 36-37 degrees Celsius).
Hypothermia is caused by the heat at the surface of the body is gone so that organs will experience chills. If the blood vessels to constrict karenan cold then the result is fatal, because the blood circulation of the body will be damaged stalled and handling is amputation.
In addition to disruption in the body's organs, people with hypothermia will lose coordination and rational mindset, it is no wonder if the person suffering from hypothermia speech will be chaotic outside conscious, even fainting.

It tricks and tips Preventing and dealing with the cold,

Some important points when subjected to freezing are:

1. Keep your clothes stay dry and rest area

2 · Keep equipment and clothing worn in clean condition

3 · Eat and drink hot and contains a lot of calories

4 · Reduce unnecessary activities.

5 · Make a bonfire.

To prevent freezing when in the mountains of the easiest is to use cold retaining clothing such as jackets. Keep using clothes that can absorb sweat well as jerseys from cotton as a first layer that touches the skin. Also wear gloves and socks are nice and thick enough to withstand the cold.
In addition to clothing, to overcome the chill of cold air, is the use of fire.By making the fireplace so the heat of the body can be maintained. To make a fire usahakanlah to remain localized.
The trick used as a boundary stone fireplace and before leaving the place make sure that the fire is completely extinguished, if necessary, flush with water. Do not let the fireplace is made into the cause of the destruction of the ecosystem. Another way is to consume food and warm drinks. When cold, the body will react to the burning of calories into heat. But if the calories are not available then the consequences would be fatal. Then food and warm drinks are cold prevention efforts of the good body. Keep in mind also that the cold did not attack is not at the scene the wind blows.


This is the danger of the easiest to predict and overcome. As a man who every meal, then it should be able to measure how much food is needed within a certain period. The formula is often used to bring the amount of food required is 2n + 1 (n is the number of days during the conduct), if the activity carried out for 2 days, then brought supplies is 5 x amount of food under normal conditions. If until then the famine happened because: miscalculation, missing, lost or stuck in the shadow path so time becomes longer activity. Starvation would be a serious problem, in a given period of time, depending on the circumstances of each person, starvation can cause death. The only way to overcome famine in the mountain is looking for food and eating. If necessary, the mountain hunting.

"Chills and Hunger can be minimized by eating brown sugar .."

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