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The beginning of a story Sueto (Commemoration Story)

Wildlife greeting friends cuman a flashback. Sueto originated from a trip touring a dispro futsal team named Commemoration. In 2008 the beginning of the second semester of college vacation, my Tom along with 3 of my friends Sando, Eston, Dann from Surabaya to visit the house in Lumajang Jendro friend that is also one of the futsal team player Commemoration. Armed with my travel experience when stray into the blue spring we were off to Lumajang via the southern Malang. Actually it will travel farther south than passing through Malang, Probolinggo but whose name the streets ya g g hunted problem right time as well. Departing morning around 9 or jm jm 10 (I forget exactly) until the unfortunate jm12 surrounding area ...

Well ya pictures of her children again break near the junction Malang and Batu. Suddenly Dann ngoceh eh dispro children who house Malang who ya? Yes kids accountable to Zena anybody else ... meaning that contemporary n majors ... Finally in contact .. Chat-chat. Finally, we make a pact with the old Alzena in the square immediately unplug Stone and ultimately a trip to Ayers soalne that day radak jammed do not know why. Until Square Stone nah person concerned is not sticking yes while unwind eventually used dech photographs ...

After taking pictures while enjoying the cool city concerned batu..yangg greetings n Intersection dateng not think wants invites him where not even invited to eat ... .Hemm real coincidence that time we were all four of us had not eaten. Actually ragak shy but his name is accepted only sustenance yes ... when he got home meal turned out to have as full tantenya..makan to eat and chat, yo photos again ... ..and do not feel already at 4 less then ready to immediately leave jo ... With Capitalized Transport rose Supra125 n Supra Fit (Fitnya spark plugs wires dashed again but until the peak bromo armed Nekad) Ha2 .......

Itineraries Through South Malang starting from Malang city-Bululawang-Turen-Dampit-Pronojiwo-Candipuro-Pasirian-Tempeh-Sumbersuko-Lumajang. He2 journey through the south path Malang-Lumajang very mysterious past the mountain trails winding up and down the road accompanied by ash semeru remang2 at night hari..sempat stop in Piket Nol (location: Pronojiwo-Candipuro-Pasirian)

picket 0
a place that has a nice view. According to the surrounding community, the place was called Piket Nol

since the Dutch colonial era, there were checkpoints vehicles crops and forests in the area. Cargo inspected and towed vehicle levy. However, whenever there is an inspection by the Dutch government officials, officers picket duty at the post did not exist. Then, came the term Piket Nol. On a hilltop, there is the highest point on this road lane called Piket Nol. There are a number of bamboo huts to rest. Of forest tourism on this hill, presented views of the landscape's South Beach neighborhood and Mahameru gallant in the north. Dear we pass the evening was also the time that it lacked adequate camera so that the journey we continue cuman stop when there is a police investigation. Arriving in Lumajang Direct stop in SMA3 Lumajang Jendro tuk waiting to pick us up after dateng stop into the house Jendro.

Jendro Host Lumajang
Layover and Rest home Jendro wes shocked Jendro clay houses that can be made futsal ground level. Our morning chatting, eating pecel Lumajang, search plan continued where streets and finally Jendro offers a tour to Ranu Pane from where the journey continues after being given some info ... because of his odd Jendro invites his friend named Randy usut calibaration er he is now a child dispro 08 sacks sando ... karo class immediately after packing2 further journey.

Gate entrance
After approximately a 1 hour drive there are accidents that can overcome the clutch broke untungae randy take complete workshop equipment so it can be fixed eventually traveled further into the national park Bromo Tengger Semeru in this place very nice view to created photographs selad gardens, while unwind we relax for a while. Wes pokoke Manteb ....!

After approximately 2 hours we arrive at Ranu Pane ... Hmm nice place! The road passes through mountainous forest Perhutani and so enters the orchard area residents potato. Ranu Pane that a peaceful settlement and cool at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level, with the background of the summit cone of Semeru. Behind this village, encountered two lakes with water that is greenish, lake Ranu Pane and Lake Ranu Regulo. The village Ranu Pane is heading the initial ascent to the summit of Semeru. Vehicle conveyance is Jeep pick up pickup, with a cargo of vegetable and passengers who stood in an iron cage inside. Ranu Pane also the last resting place for a motorcycle or a car that wants to climb to the mountain semeru. But we just samapai here because the weather is getting increasingly foggy afternoon so well cuman relax while enjoying the view of the Tengger Ranu and residents around Ranu Pane. Ordinary session is where it is important to pictures, download documentation and narcissistic also be seen in the photos.

The trip to Ranu Pane finished up here because it was afternoon and it started to rain. Time to head Home Base Jendro to prepare for next touring Tommorow continue to part 2 ...

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