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Terms Backpacker

The world of tourism know many terms for tour players from both types of travel and in terms of the number of tourists. The term backpaking or backpacker as the subject is a general term given to tourists who travel by using the Back pack, bag in carrying on the back or backpack. Backpackers generally have characteristics that distinguish this type of tourists with other tourists.
One of them is backpaker generally dominated by young people with high mobility are often moved from one place to another, from one region to another. Due to sedentary habits is then rasel be a very practical choice. In addition Backpacker also always use a hotel or inn that is simple and they traveled to a place generally without using a travel agent or bureau services travel trip.
This is very different from the tourist type Beach Holiday or Bade Urlaub (German). They generally stay in a classy hotel with daily spend time sunbathing and traveling around the region without moving the hotel. Travelers this type generally use the services of Overseas Travel Agent or the local travel agent.

Another distinctive feature, the back paker rarely come in groups or in a group. So that when tourists backpack distinguished of its kind in the group of individual tour (FIT) instead Group Tour (GIT). Whereas when viewed from a character in a backpack tourist berwisatanya not including beach holiday or special interest tours, are more like Round trip (in the island) or overland tour (traffic island). That is always moved like a roundtrip tour / overland but does not please one particular object.

Groups of tourists who belong to special interest is the interest and focus only on certain things, such as older locomotives, volcanoes, temples, historical heritage, certain species of trees and animals. More special scientific interest, hobby or research. As for the roundtrip travelers also overland tour, and accommodation programs already set by overseas local agent or local agent.

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