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Tanjung Papuma Beach Jember(SUETO)

Hallo regards wildlife from SUETO! The trip this time aims to Jember Tangjung Papuma precisely. Starting from a current television coverage in the campus cafeteria ... finally when the child's holiday touring SUETO was making plans to Tanjung Papuma Go !!! Start Home Base departed together in Tom Raider. Departing with the formation of 3 people 2 motors Tom n Sando (Pulsar200) Suehe (mio) Depart around 3 from Home Base Tom Raider This road map will we go through that of Sidoarjo-Gempol-Pasuruan-Probolinggo-Lumajang (stop at Jendro Home's) -Jombang-Kencong-Gumukmas-Balung-Wuluhan-Ambulu-Tanjung Papuma (south line does not pass Jember city)

After passing around 3h trip over our nyampelah in Lumajang and we stopped by a break in Jendro. Arriving there we were talking about touring plans tomorrow morning break was also before we even went to the house of Randy telling mamir touring plans. Live rest dech ...

The next actually still sleepy all but Randy already catch up home Jendro we finally set off about half five in the morning although somewhat delayed with the formation of Tom n Sando (Pulsar200) Suehe (mio) Randy n Jendro (megapro) at the time of travel while enjoying the scenery good mornings still foggy finally disempatkan tuk photographs dunk ...

Wez direct journey continues towards the main target Tanjung Papuma! Our time in 2009 there are still two roads to the beach are only a smooth asphalt road but first must pass ulo Watu beach so the entry ticket must pay 2 times then the other way past the rocky roads damaged but directly in front of the counter Papuma we choose the path that is damaged due to pay cuman one time and extreme. but in 2010 this damaged road was paved and so nice and smooth so can lead to Tanjung Papuma directly.

We bought the tickets. Upon entering the area of ​​Tanjung Papuma area is still about jm half 7 in the morning we were quickly picked up the camera to take pictures coincidence nice panoramic view of the still morning.

After I and Sando down from the lodge early after friends who had first located at the Beach. Hmm overview of Tanjung Papuma are as follows:
Tanjung Papuma itself is located in in District Ambulu and Wuluhan, Jember (East Java, Indonesia). Papuma own name as an acronym formed from the White Sand Malikan. Papuma which offers a beautiful beach of white sand and on the other that offers a beach which is full of stones and coral. For photographers privilege promontory Papuma is you can get sunrise and sunset in one place. Mmhh there is hardly any place that is so special. Although relatively new in this place you can get a resting place in the form of pondokkan which he ranged between 100-300 thousand. I've never tried to stay there maybe someday when I want to obtain in the evening sunset and sunrise in the morning and further exploit Tanjung Papuma.

There are seven (7) major coral Papuma, the rows of coral island has its own name taken from such puppet characters, the island god teachers, kresna island, Narada island, the island of Nusa Barong, islands and island frog awning because atoll shaped like the giant frog that arise drowned at sea.
On the beach there Papuma filled with rock that flattened a row along the coast as far as kira2 1 kilomenter. Only new beach encroached upon by this perhutani named Malikan. Malikan provide a cool panorama. We can stand on the rocks and sea waves hit. If it was already late in the afternoon, the sea will be high tide and it's time we went up the hill.

Above this hill we can see the whole view of the Papuma from the east until the west. Sitihinggil a tower on top of a hill at the western end of Tanjung Papuma. The tower was deliberately created by Perhutani as the travelers looked at the whole panorama in the region Papuma, as well as to a security monitoring animals that exist in the region.

When we palingkan view to the west, then from this Sitihinggil we can enjoy a large island perched in the middle kejauhann headland. By residents of Jember, the island is known as Nusa Barong. From Papuma, the island without residents is about 50 nautical miles and takes about four hours by boat.
Perhaps this is the pictures of Tanjung Papuma 2009 which was natural because it looks like in the year 2010 the landscape becomes less good as possible because the road already this improved so access to it so easily. But basicly is baguskok Tanjung Papuma ...

After a day in the coastal area of ​​Tanjung Papuma we feel satisfied and eventually returned home Jendro to rest before returning home the next day to Sidoarjo. Hopefully useful post for visitors ... wink!

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