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Standard Convoy

Convoy Standard 

This is a simple guide on the convoy but the better we refer to as the uniformity or standardization convoy touring rhythm so easily formed, to avoid being arrogant and still not interfere with the rights of others. The most important thing to remember is touring biker convoy was not a VVIP convoy.
- The motor is in good condition overall
- Mental and physical biker and boncenger in a state fit overall
- Obey all SAFETY standards RIDER 
- Arrive on time in both the start point or at the meeting point
- Included in klotur (touring group) that have been determined

Departure Procedures:

This applies to any departure either from the start point and each stop point (check point, emergency stop, etc.) determined by the RC (road captain)
- RC gives a sign ready to go with the bike and the engine
positioning the bike as RC (forefront)
- Participants followed by forming rows of 1 (one) columns and closed by Sp (sweeper)
- RC provides the ultimate sign ready to go (see hand code) followed by participants who are ready

- Sp confirmation signaled ready to go to the RC (see horn code)


- Divided into several klotur with a maximum of 40 participants per klotur motors
- Does not form a straight line with the motor front
- Position the motor over to the right or to the left of the front of the motor
to provide distance escape in the event of sudden braking
- Set the safe distance according to speed
- Make sure the speed does not exceed 80 kph
- Do not violate the red light
- Forward messages hand code (code hand) and foot code (code feet) to participants behind
- Turn on the street lights lamps (bulbs close)
- Turn on the hazard lights (optional)
- Do not use a strobe light or a flip-flop
- Do not use sirens or loudspeakers
- No honking of the things that do not need or already represented by RC
- Not precede each
- Hearing remain dominant on surrounding conditions
- Always try and stay calm
- Do not leave the participants who experienced the problem (troble) streets


- RC reduce speed, especially when the light is yellow to avoid rupture convoy
- Remains in the convoy unless otherwise provided by RC
- Not running red lights even if the convoy should be disconnected


- Sp give horn message code (code horn)
- RC reduce speed
- After free of obstacles, participants are disconnected together Sp
chasing the convoy in a safe speed max. 80 kph
- After all regrouped again gave horn Sp code

PROCEDURES dispel the intruder:

- Maximize distance with a motor bike in front according to speed
- Give signs and give way to precede to prospective and intruders
- Sp attempting to eject intruders in ways good


- Participants provide emergency alert please stop if possible
- RC dismiss convoy
- Sp advice if you do not know the RC
- Sp or one of the participants gave a sign to the following klotur
- Do not leave the streets participants in any situation
- Do not leave the participants alone or better still pending klotur


# Sp give the signal to the next klotur not stop
# Victim was treated while
# Bring the victim to the nearest clinic if necessary


# All motorcycle parking in a safe location (attended one of the participants if necessary)
# All participants secure the scene and adjust traffic
# Sp give the signal to the next klotur
# Evacuation chaired by RC
# RC broadcast news and
# Obliged to stop touring

In Case of Strikes:
# Klotur emergency stop
# Handled by the participants who understands
# RC find the nearest repair shop if they can not be addressed participants
# Delivery and motorcycle escorts to the nearest garage


- Use only the left hand
- Ancungan thumb = confirmation of marks set off the mark; greetings brotherhood
- One finger = form convoys rows into one column
- Two fingers = form convoys into two rows of columns
- Five fingers = convoy dispersed to re-join after passing the obstacle (loss)
- Fingers clenched = ready to stop (only to stop point)
- Pointing direction = ready to turn to the designated direction


- Lower left leg = shows the hole on the left
- Lower right leg = shows the hole on the right
- Lowering both times = shows damaged roads, bumpy, transverse markings, railroads


- Long beep = confirmation ready to go (just sweeper);
klotur mark broke (just sweeper);
sign convoy had returned complete after an interruption (only sweeper)
- Sound repeated frequently = request emergency stop
- Short beep twice = greeting brotherhood

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