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Sort and Select Sound Silencer Exhaust

Modify motor performance is already common practice by the riders in general, one of them as replacing the standard exhaust with muffler racing or membobok part in the standard exhaust. The sound produced by the exhaust system or exhaust bobokan sounds more interesting than the standard exhaust. But it is of no consequence as well, because not all racing exhaust or bobokan produce interesting sounds, sometimes even audible sound produced is very noisy.

The resulting noise is usually caused by foam absorbers or so-called glasswool contained in the exhaust silender less good. The main task of dampening foam or glasswool is to dampen exhaust sound arising from the combustion and an exhaust noise level also depends on the thickness, density, and durability of the fiber of foam absorbers or glaswool itself.

Racing exhaust standards are usually already equipped with foam absorbers or glasswool factory default, but the thickness, density and fiber it uses do not necessarily fit or good quality. Foam absorbers or glasswool that have good quality and durable typically have the advantages of the foam absorbers regular model, which certainly do not exhaust sound so noisy and the outside and inside the exhaust silencer so it is not easy to heat and smell of bitter.

Foam absorbers or glasswool with standard quality are sold in stores or workshops with a range of 5,000 - 25,000 / pack, usually white or yellow fibers. Need caution when installing foam absorbers, because if the powder fraction exposed skin will cause itching and cause shortness when inhaled into the lungs. The other type is dampers made of fiberglass, which is made of fiber excess reducer is more durable because the fiber is made of glass so that the damper so not easily burn out if the exhaust temperature is getting hot.

The latter is the exhaust silencer steelwool, fiber-based iron wrapped or coagulated. The excess will not be burned by heat and will not be flushed out. Steelwool endurance or durability could reach double that of a standard glass wool or made from fiber. The disadvantage because only one made of iron, steelwool can rust if it is too long not to be replaced. These products are usually sold in the market at a price of Rp35,000 - Rp45,000 / pack depending on brand and thickness of the iron fibers.


The main task of dampening foam or glass wool is commonly referred to muffle the sound of combustion. However, the noise level depends on the thickness, density and durability of the damper foam material.

Therefore, glasswol which has better material and durable typically have an advantage rather than a foam absorbers regular models. Which certainly does not sound too noisy. Then with metarial more bangus, usually outside and inside the exhaust silencer plate so it is not easy to heat.

"Because if excessive heat, likely to interfere kostruksinya occur due to expansion. And when it expands, is likely to affect the turbulence in the stomach exhaust. Beber Nurdin Fajar Hidayat alias Udin, Elza Motor mechanic at Jl. Lebak Bulus Raya No. 111, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, which often can order the exhaust sleep.

Of all the foam absorbers or glasswool products on the market, on average, it still has shortcomings. Among them there are flammable, is not comfortable to wear, easy off the pipe sleeve to arise when using the material of iron rust.

But, if I am not bothered mutually glasswool or want to wear all the time, Kunto mechanical Hayadi HKR Custom in Cipete In the second, South Jakarta, advised to wear kevlar carbon fiber or fine glass fibers that have been neatly and tightly woven.

Said Kunto again, the advantage of this model dampers tighter gap, non-flammable. Also capable of reducing high heat, not easily separated from the cage let alone hit attack rust. "Only it is more expensive than usual because of sale per share," said Kunto.

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