Jumat, 05 Juni 2015

Scooter Will not Subdued by Flood

For motorcycle riders in the capital or towns which often floods, who does not shout when it rains and flooded streets you've always skip ?? Our brains would have imagined a standstill, the possibility of strike motors, etc. In particular the automatic riders, as the specter of the dreaded rain. Why rain to be feared? Did not rain is a gift from God ?. Then, why the hell, the scooter riders should be afraid and worried about the puddles extra ?? Here's the explanation;

Scooter has a lower ground clearance than other motor types. Then the maximum height may be impassable puddle is 10cm. Because the bottom of each scooter wrapped by the cover (lower deck), then at the time of passing through the floodwaters were high enough, the water could get into the cover and in sufficient quantities can cause a floating effect on the motor. At a certain speed plus the high pool of water, the motor can be (as) a floating, thereby reducing the power grip of the tire to the road. This is a direct impact on the disruption of handling. When the limit has been exceeded floodwater CVT box, the risk of penetration of water is very large. In some cases, it may only cause squeaking sounds effects or slip a few moments after passing the flood. If allowed, the rest of the water that settles may cause CVT components damaged. Do not forget, carburetor and exhaust vent is the component that needs to be watched as well. If the CVT penetration of water, the motor can still drove slowly although it is possible slip. But if the carburetor or exhaust take in water, the effect can be directly motorcycle died on the spot. This is because both of these devices leads directly into the combustion chamber. That is why the exhaust vent is made is always higher than the CVT cover.

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