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Safety Riding Tips

As an addition to insights, tips will discuss more broadly about safety riding.

In general and sefety riding theory it could be interpreted as the condition and how to drive a motorcycle rider true, ideal, and security (safety) both for themselves and for others around us. In safety riding there are four important points that must be met in order to determine how secure whether someone when driving, ie:

1. Driving Equipment
Complete yourself with the driving gear that must be worn by a motorcyclist when driving, what else if not SNI helmet, gloves, protective jackets, trousers, shoes and including one SIM. Because of a motorist who has a SIM should be driving in the discipline.

2. Motor Condition
Condition and completeness of the motor is good and complete as state machines, electrical, gear sets, tires, brakes, lights, rearview mirror, etc. So check the condition and completeness of your motorcycle before starting to drive, so that the performance of the motor is maintained lightweight and great service done periodically.

3. Method Driving
And ideal driving position must also Arm yourself with the knowledge of traffic signs and ordinances driving on the highway, for example, always overtake another vehicle from the right, not doing other activities while driving (call, SMS, listen to music), an orderly at regulations and not reckless. In many cases, motorcycle accidents more often caused by human factor itself apart from factors vehicles or facilities damaged roads.

4. Mastering Techniques Driving
As smart motorists, we must master a variety of techniques drive. Some driving techniques that we must master are:

- Mechanical braking, using either the front brakes, rear brakes, and a combination of both.

- Mechanical drive on the straight and narrow path, useful to train balance without lowering the legs.

- Slalom, bermanufer to the left and to the right, can be useful when we drive on congested roads or traffic jams.

- Bumpy road, driving techniques when driving over uneven road or a bumpy without slipping.

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