Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015

Put the helmet above the danger Gasoline Tank

For bikers who drive with sport-type motorcycles such as R25, Mega Pro, Vixion, Ninja, Pulsar and CBR, generally have a habit of putting a helmet on top of the gas tank whether it while it is parked or just stop for a moment. Well, for you who have these habits, Welovehonda would love ya better advice you no longer put a helmet on top of the petrol tank of a motorcycle.

Why is that? Because when you put the helmet on the gas tank, the tank will automatically close the right under the helmet. You need to know well in spite of the tank lid tightly closed, little by little steam produced by the gas contained in it can exit through cracks or vents on the lid of the tank.
And if the gasoline vapors have entered and attached to the inside of the helmet is predominantly made from foam and Styrofoam materials, in the long term can make the foam helmet becomes dry, hard, broken and reduces the performance of the helmet itself. Not to mention the resulting smell can make you become sick while driving.

So if you want a more durable helmet again, do not put it on the gas tank. To maintain freshness periodically wash the helmet least once a month.

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