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Not Dizziness Again with Key Motorcycle

Panic, dizziness, emotions, and stress. Maybe that will be felt when we forget to keep or even loss of the motor lock, especially if at that moment we are in a state of urgency alias hurry. Although only the key alone but if it had forgotten to save or lost, look for can make us stress and emotions.

Want to know how to outsmart your bike lock that is not lost? Please see the tips on this one.

1. Attach your bike lock with a key ring sized, not too small nor too big and has a striking color. So that the motor lock can easily be seen when you're looking for it at the time of loss, other than that you can also be aware if you fell when the key was outside the house.

2. There are some key ring shaped like a mini wallet, just use the wallet for storing coins alone should never be used to menyimpat vehicle registration or parking ticket. Because if you key is lost or dropped, might offer vehicle registration or parking tickets used by people who find it for carrying off your bike.

3. At home familiarize keep the motor lock you in one place, for example hung on the wall or on the sideboard is important readily visible, so when about traveling is you do not have to bother looking for the key motors.

4. While parking sometimes we like to store a helmet or jacket in the trunk of the motor, thereby immediately unplug and store the key in a pocket so you open the trunk of the motor. Because not a few cases of loss of lock even occur as a result of the owner of the motorcycle forget revoke tercantel keys still in the trunk lock key after storing carry-on luggage.

5. Do not forget you also have to have a backup or duplicate keys stored in separate places, in case the motor locks when you're damaged or lost and can not be found anymore.

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