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Motorcycle Tire profile

Confused want to use the type of tire with tube (with tires) or tires tubles (without tires)? You'd better read it first nih profile of each tire.

1. With tube (with tires)
Tires with tube usually has a shape somewhat box function provides a balance when you're weaving in between cars, especially on road conditions were again jammed. Because of its little box, with tube less tires suitable and dangerous for invited sloping bend time again. Prices tires with tubes ranging between 100-150 thousand, which in normal conditions can hold up to 2.5 years more. But remember loh tire condition is also influenced by the distance and how you drive the motor.

2. Tubeless (without inner tube)
Relatively round shape, suitable for you who like to do a maneuver or turn a pretty extreme way at high speed. Ease back, tubeless tires deflated tablets that do not directly hit the nail. So time to tire repairman, you can still drive a motorcycle without having to push it. Tubelessberkisan tire prices between 200-500 thousand. The material is thinner than the tire with tube. For everyday use bantubeless can be durable up to 1.5 years.

While the tires "slick" which does not have grooves, should not be used for watering streets or wet, because when crossing puddles, tires not in direct contact with the road, but "dibantali" with puddles of water, leaving it vulnerable to "slip".

In addition, there is also a kind of bidirectional and unidirectional flow. Bidirectional tires can be used in two directions (orientation), to the front and to the rear. So the plot motifs tend vertically symmetrical.

These tires are usually designed for normal everyday use. While unidirectional tires can only be used for one direction (orientation), but tire of this type usually have a better performance in the "dump water".

Because the motorcycle no possibility of installing a reverse wheel, more advisable to use unidirectional tires. Unlike the case with four-wheel vehicles, cars, tire unidirectional quite troublesome, because the tire is mounted on the wheel rim to the right side can not be directly used for the left, because the "direction" of his ban will be reversed.

It usually occurs on the spare tire. Because usually only one spare tire inventory, while we can not predict the wheel left or right to be replaced.

Create additional info, no harm you know about groove / flowers on the tires ya;
Groove or flowers on the tires better adapted to the conditions of the road that we have traveled. The weather in Indonesia that briefly heat briefly rain made road conditions sometimes gritty, sometimes watery (muddy). For that, you should use tires with groove-type composite. This type has a horizontal groove on the side of the tire surface and a vertical groove in the center of the tire surface. Horizontal groove function is to hold the stability of the motor on the sandy asphalt road, while the vertical groove function is as a breaker and water diverter on the tires when they are on the road watery (muddy).

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