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How to Tree Planting and Caring for Trees

To remind us that the land for the plant has been endangered by the building - residential buildings, air pollution, agricultural land is dying for lack of trees as a protector, forest dwindling, replaced by a land prone to natural akanbencana and many more things - things that should No tree as a stylist alamyang worth, now no more. So it would be nice if we melangkan little time and inclination to plant and care for trees.


Land can be located on land owned (home page, or community gardens owned companies / institutions and the country's land, where the ownership and management under government supervision). Land chosen for planting should be guaranteed not to change its designation in the long term. Tree growth - especially in the land of trees hutanmemerlukan long time (over 10 years) to be able to create a good forest ecosystems and functioning optimally. So consider carefully so as not merely a ceremonial tree planting.

Having found a suitable location, the next step is to choose the type of seeds to be planted. Kind - the kind that will be planted are in accordance with the conditions of the land, the designation and functions for the environment. When you want our environment then choose a shade tree species whose leaves shade and great stature such as Trembesi, Flamboyan, cherry or Golkar. In the less fertile land, Sengon and acacia trees to survive.
If we want to enjoy the harvest of fruit, then plant a fruit tree - sepertiMangga fruit, avocado, rambutan, durian, etc. However, do not plant Durian in places with heavy traffic because if the fruit fall can make people get hurt. When the green to the curb lane, look for a small fruit tree species - small, not much leaf loss, fast growing and can also have flowers such as Angsana, cherry, Malabar, Lagerstroemia, Flamboyan, Tamarind and others - others. Remember roadside plant whose roots do not protrude into the ground as it will damage the road and endangering road users.

Seeds that have been, now is the time ready to be planted. Provide a planting hole that made the day before planting (preferably). This step is done so that the air temperature inside and on the surface of the planting soil is stable so that it can help reduce stess on the plant. Plants that stress would be difficult to adapt to the new environment. Planting hole is made at least 20 cm x 20 cm (corresponding large seeds) with added 30 cm - 40 cm (corresponding media and shapes the root). At the start of the planting should be added manure or compost to help increase the nutrient for the "new residents" of the earth.

Implementation of the planting should be done starting at 7:00 to 09:00 and 17:00 to 18:00 (local time dependent, am / pm / CET), because the hour - the hour the soil surface temperatures are not too high and stable so as to avoid stress on the seedlings. If not possible to plant on time may be done at other hours, but once planted immediately make shade to avoid the sun that hit the green seeds that can burn the leaves of plants. Seedlings were burning sun causes leaf chlorophyll can not pass functions in prosesfotosintesis and cause the plants can die in a short time.

Seedlings will be planted first released from the sac - sac growth media (polybag) then ditanaman along the growth media. When removing polybag needs to act careful - careful not damaged the growing media, plants were placed in an upright position so that the process can progress with good growth and if necessary refuted by bamboo. Then cover the hole the plant by entering the quarry and gently press around the plants until the seedlings can stand up well. Then pray agarTuhan keep our plants.
Once the seeds are planted should be given stakes / pegs marker or fenced. Giving marker not only signifies that the seeds planted seeds of a person not natural seedlings. Patokyang marker or mounted on seedlings have a psychological effect that the plant was exclusive / special / valuable and is still in the early stages of maintenance, it needs a lot of attention.

6. Treat WITH LOVE
Like a newborn baby, without power and independence. The baby was hospitalized for a while until we try to speak and can eat soft food. Then the baby is disposed in an environment where food is to be undertaken alone, drinks must be achieved alone and the protection of the body need to be met. Can the baby was to survive long without being claimed and care in a suitable place for him?
Caring as important as planting. So after planting should be carried out maintenance of weeds, shrubs, grass - grass, pests, fires, human hands and other disorders that space to grow plants can thrive. Also do not let the plants are malnourished. Give basic needs with water it regularly, provide an appropriate fertilizer and giving attention and prayer on the seed - the seed. Care tree seedlings can be done until the plants are 2 years old. Generally trees over the age of 2 years has been able to survival and live independently from nature, but remain guarded from the elements of the destroyer.
Welcome to plant trees and care for her with love! Because it is the core of the plant treatment!

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