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How to Distinguish Genuine or Fake SNI Helm

SNI is not just a logo tablets. Do not get me, just because we wear helmets SNI logo keeps us so safe. Because it turns out, many circulating fake SNI helmet display only the logo but not quality.
Hey, we're not buying safety sticker. So if you want to find a helmet we need, pay attention the following points:

1. Check the price. The original SNI helmet baseball is valuable under 50,000. Ingredients to make quality helmet is imported from outside, so baseball may be sold at a low price.

2. Check the straps. If this section only affixed with nails and without bracket, then certainly it is a fake SNI helmet. Do not forget to check also part of the socket (which is attached to the chin), if made of plastic, mending another search.

3. Actually, tuh false SNI helmet can be seen with the naked eye tablets. Try deh grasp and perhatiin that felt light and frail, it is certainly false. Good helmet going bad and held steady. Rada weight but strong.

4. See also the section logo. In the original SNI helmet, usually SNI logo affixed only baseball, but also embossed. So perhatiin well, if there is a helmet with a sticker SNI but baseball logo emboss her, it already certainly false.

5. The most important thing anyway, mending SNI helmet buy in stores that can be held responsible. Do not buy at the roadside let alone in the street, because it could be helmets they sell the fake.

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