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How to Distinguish Genuine Oil / Oplosan

Oli is one very important component for a vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a car. Functions as a lubricant oil is to protect the inside of the machine so as not to wear caused by corrosion processes (friction), so that your vehicle's engine can be more durable and secure. Ideally, for motorcycle engine oil is usually replaced every mileage has reached as far as 1,000 km, while the car is every 5,000 Km.

Nowadays we need to be vigilant, the high number of motorcycle sales, followed by the high number of engine oil demand, was also used by rogue manufacturers to produce and sell oil fake / adulterated. Therefore, tips on this one so as not to be fooled by rogue traders who sell fake oil / oplosan.

1. When you want to buy motor oil in a garage, do not hesitate to check the advance of the oil, such as the condition of the packaging. Oil packaging must be in pristine condition, new, no defects, label and seal must be in intact condition. If you are not sure of the condition of the packaging, should not be purchased.

2. Oli false / adulterated can also be distinguished in terms of color and scent. Each oil has a different color adulterated with the colors on the original product. Likewise with smell, oil oplosan have sharper smell like the smell of cooking oil, unlike the original product that has a distinctive odor (according to the brand).

3. Apart from the colors and smells, fake oil / oplosan can also be distinguished from the level of viscosity. Because simmering again, fake oil / oplosan has a higher viscosity than the original oil.

4. Do not be easily tempted by cheaper prices, you just have to be careful and vigilant with oil-oil that is sold at a cheaper price than the market price, because it could be a fake oil is oil / oplosan.

5. To be safe, buy authorized dealers such as oil, ahm oil, Yamalube etc. The composition is already fit and fit with standards-compliant motorcycle manufacturer so certainly more assured of quality and authenticity.

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