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History About Suetoclub (Surabaya Extreme Touring)

SUETO (Surabaya Extreme Touring) Community was established on August 14, 2009 is a touring community in Surabaya, which evolved from a hobby among members on a touring trip in which there is an organizational chart comprised of several divisions, namely, Tracking Division, Mountainering Division, Motor Club Division. SUETO Community is also engaged in entrepreneurs who produce the products will be touring needs and will grow as the creativity of the members to promote the name SUETO Community. Here is the vision and mission SUETO Community:


We constantly strive to achieve the best in Touring activities to introduce to the public how many natural tourist attractions in Indonesia especially in Java Island and the beautiful East Java by providing travel information to the public and members. So that the people themselves will recognize the beauty and diversity in Indonesia. As well as a means to exchange information and experiences on touring trips that can add insight into the nature Indonesia.


We SUETO Community is determined to continue to grow in all divisions touring, media information, volunteer assistance for natural disasters and the development of industrial entrepreneurs to create new ideas with the help of the creativity of members in order to produce a quality product at an affordable price levels so that they can prosper members and consumers.

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