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For fellow backpacker who:
- Do not know much about the travel destination, the estimated cost, as well as relevant contact person
- Reluctant to organize the trip and go alone
- Did not have time to bring together people who want to be invited traveled together

who finally decided to follow the call provider trip trip (TS), should first identify the type TS you want.

ts ts type of this is what makes the trip free of charge call service, all charges including budget only for the purpose of the trip such as: transportation, accommodation, food, entrance fees and permits, and guide / instructor.

+ points:
in addition to the cost we spend less, we can also learn budgeting of destinations TSB (when opened transparent in its trip solicitation forum). and usually they are willing to provide information relevant contact person trip, so agan / wati has reference contact when about to return to visit the destination of his future.

points -:
type of trip like this is a self-serve each or work together. such as: preparing food together, lifting equipment together, build a fire together, etc


1. the cost of phone and inet (marketing / promotion) of the TS is input into budget trip?
should be a personal budget, because the applicants also issued the same cost

2. whether the travel expenses borne by the TS group (fed into budget trip)?
should not.
My experience as I can ration TS usually free, because the group brought a lot of (smart the only lobbying TS contact person respectively)

not really.
because each TS has a contact person who is different with varying prices as well.

2. Tour & Travel / Travel Agent
This is the type ts ts that make solicitation trip with charging services.
usually they do not give details of the cost information.

+ points:
they regulate almost all the major purposes of the current trip and had made the arrangement of events, agan / wati stay sit and enjoy each attraction with more leverage

points -:
cost agan / wati spend usually larger than the type of cost sharing trip


1. What should be considered in selecting TA and avoid scams?
- It does not hurt to compare prices between one another TA dg.
looking for the same trip destinations in the next dg trip or try to enter the keyword search menu destinations (position: top right of the website), compare prices still update (eg year period in the same departure / after the increase in fuel)

- Besides earned a reputation for knowing the TA, by asking agan / wati who had joined the TA previous trip (just open the menu 'track' in TA profile and trying to send private messages to several participants of the TA)

- See and learn the personal information TA (facebook, twit, etc).
TA that is both open and transparent to the customer. if the TA is not willing to give personal info, agan / wati should be suspicious and vigilant.

2. What if agan / wati fooled?
- As far as possible try resolved amicably with the TA. if there is no positive response from the TA, agan / wati can share here that residents BPI did not experience the same thing.

- If problems such as delays or negligence that led to the current FY trip agan / wati not enjoy the promised amenities, first communicate with the penyeleggara trip. do not immediately speak up a forum, because they are also human beings who can be wrong and TA only system that has a gap error. if there is no positive response, then agan / wati share diforum.

the reason I became TS
-krn I do not like to set the current trip
-I do not like to pay more expensive
I want -jadwal destinations often clashed with the existing call-trip.

I make my own trip profit / solicitation trip:
-I free to determine the dates I want to travel
-I free to determine the itinerary (longer disuatu tpa nice, and just see / photograph only spot which is not good)
-punya families in each region (to cross free ship, can ride nginep n eat)

tips to make the trip alone:
- To find a contact person, not to be had to go somewhere to be able to make a trip there, just browsing in the google, kaskus, etc.
- Do not be presumptuous also asked to org unheard-on contact person. better and mannered, create your own forum for asking.
- Try to read articles of others and make the trip itinerary / destination rundown destination
- Do not be afraid to make the trip yourself, please ask for input from the elders BPI in the forum or ask for help from potential participants

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