Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015

Good raincoat and Safe

See rainfall increasing every day especially in the rainy season, this time Sueto will share tips that are still closely related to the rain, which is about how to choose a good raincoat and safe to use :

1. Select a raincoat in accordance with the size of our bodies are not too small or too big, in order to exercise our function more freely, and raincoats are not easily damaged.

2. raincoat made of strong elastic rubber material such as PVC, because PVC raincoat with thicker materials, not easily torn, and elastic as compared with raincoats are made from parachute.

3. It has a bright color or pattern such as blue, yellow and red, to be easily visible by other motorists when it rains, especially in the evenings.

4. Part of raincoats that are easily damaged or torn is on the joints, therefore select a raincoat that each piece sewn connections, not pressed.

5. It would be better to use two piece slicker models (superiors and subordinates), because it is more closed, more flexibility in moving and safer than the models Batman (wing).

6. Select the adhesive raincoat that use zippers, in addition to a stronger more resistant to water seepage in comparison with the use of buttons.

7. Due raincoat made from rubber washing regularly and store in a dry place, so raincoat is not easily broken, moldy and smelly.

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