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Eiger Success Story Version 2

Ronny Lukito previously been known as a successful businessman and qualified in the bag industry. He is the owner of brand handbags and Bodypack Export. Behind his efforts, Ronny was also an adventurer who likes out of the woods. This activity then makes Ronny and Mamay become familiar.

"I am familiar with Ronny that time into the forest. Ronny is a hobby of hunting, and I as a supplier of bullet "said Mamay. Knowing that Mamay Salim is an adventurer who has a profession as a climber, then Ronny invite Mamay to cooperate and complement each other to develop a production of bags. According to Kang Mamay, beginning Ronny had the idea to create a special bag for men.

The bags are made specifically for the male adventurer "said Mamay. Their cooperation began with very limited facilities at that time, Eiger only be able to produce bags with a simple two sewing machines in Jalan Cihampelas No. 22 Bandung, the location of which is now the headquarters of the Eiger.

It is still very limited time we produce this Eiger bag. But there are many who love! "Said Mamay. In addition one of the early promotion bag products Eiger done by "nebeng" on the bag export products. Mamay Kang said that at that time the name Eiger Export affixed to bags designed for men.

Eiger is now known as the leading company focusing on the manufacturing and retailing of a wide range of adventure equipment. Its owner is Ronny Lukito. While Kang Mamay served as a technical consultant and business consultant.

"At that time Ronny asked me 'what a fitting name for this product, May?' I say just Eiger. "said Mamay smiling.

Product essence Eiger

Logo Eiger triggered by Ronny Lukito. In it's logo depicted as large outer circle and blue. While the blue triangle means adventure or an adventure and a red base color is defined as a spirit. Thus, the philosophy has meaning eiger logo "The spirit of adventure world."

In addition to philosophy, Eiger also have a principle not to produce a bag so long alone. Even so, a good bag not only looks good from the outside models. According to Salim Mamay essence of the concept of products Eiger is Functional, Durabillity, Comfortable.

"Functional bags that we have so that production can be useful in accordance with their needs. Durable for security on the goods carried, the strength of the stitching on the bag must not only be strong origin and Comfortable course, is comfort for the wearer of this eiger bag. "Said Mamay.

"Quality must always take precedence. One line on the Eiger bag there are 26 hand tailors. If there is a little defective goods, it must immediately be discarded and not recycled. Sometimes many bag manufacturers are only thinking patterns and models of the bag, but in fact the backbone and shoulders of the wearer bag should also be considered "continued.

Now in addition to produce bags for the instigators of the outdoors, Eiger also create Rucksacks bags, Daypacks, Shoulder bags, Waist bags, Travel bags, bags Lumbar, Hydro System pack, Dry bags, Biking Bags, Laptop bags, Multi-purpose bags, etc. to the consumers. From small bags to large bag with an assortment of functions and their role Eiger successfully produced thanks to the essence of their products.

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