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Campfire is one of the important things in survival or camping when we were in the jungle. The bonfire has the function to keep ourselves from wild beasts, to warm themselves, signaling a state of danger, or as a fireplace for cooking meals.

Here are some things we have to consider in making a campfire:

  • The choice of location for a bonfire.
  • Tools and materials are available around the place we camped.
  • The time required.
  • Wind direction, so campfire safe and durable.

For the selection of places, things below will help you make a campfire:
  • Sheltered from the wind.
  • Dry place.
  • There are a lot of fuel is easily collected.
choose a sheltered place. Except for the purposes of signal or alarm, do not light a fire under the tree. Clean leaves, twigs, mushrooms and dry grass in a radius of 2 m circular to obtain vacant land surface in order not to spread bonfire and burn the forest. If the soil is moist or wet, make a pedestal of wooden sticks and cover with soil, or line it with rocks.

To make a fire, we must understand that a fire will occur due to three things: air, heat and fuel.
Actually, if we were in urban areas, making the fire is not difficult to do, but if we are in the middle of the forest while the fire-maker is not available, then we should have the ability to create fire from ingredients available in the natural world around us.

The fire is made of three materials:

  • Igniter Fire: dried material will be lit up by heat or sparks. We must provide the material is completely dry so fast flaming fires. For example: shaved wood, dried moss, ferns dead, dried leaves, sawdust, gauze, straw, bamboo serut.dll
  • Angler fire: this material we have prepared and will be added after the spark occurs. This material will increase the size of the fire. For example: pieces of twigs, small pieces of wood, dry wood bark etc.
  • Fuel: wood, bamboo, hay, dry leaves, dried dung, etc.
Sometimes a bonfire can be an experience that is really troublesome, if we do not have basic knowledge in the making. Instead of making a bonfire that last a long time, in fact, can be spent lighters or fuel. The following brief guide can help to make a bonfire

  • Should we create a special place that restrict the campfire. Able to pile rocks that surround firewood, or can make excavation.
  • Collect wood, twigs, leaves, litter dry and flammable.
  • Stacks of dry wood large diameter in the lowest position, followed by a smaller diameter at the top in a criss-cross position that combustible and air can enter through cracks.
  • Cover with dry leaves or litter, on it sufficiently.
  • Burn leaf / trash, to be a trigger fire.
  • If the fire has started to grow, tumpuklah with small branches on it
  • Slowly so that the flames keep constant or increase in size, do not rush to add twigs on top.
  • If the fire dies and only the remaining embers, blow-blow at one point until the fire was large by itself, and then add more dry leaves or the like.
Quick tips: if you want to camp for a longer period of time and do not want to lose a campfire, find and arrange dry wood rather large diameter in the lowest position, if we are going to sleep always add large diameter logs and embers leaving, so bonfire tomorrow am still able to light up. We just add twigs or dried leaves and blowing on the coals.

Although making a bonfire looks easy, but there are some things that need to be taken to ensure that the campfire can defend well and keep it under control.

  • Make sure the wood you use is completely dry.
  • Do not burn all the wood at once, but it should be gradual.
  • Consider air circulation! Fire needs air to expand.
  • In the event of rain, cover the embers with bushes or whatever, so that when the rain stopped we can raise the bonfire back.
  • Make sure put out a campfire if it is not needed.
The more we often lit a bonfire, the more proficient we do.

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