Senin, 22 Juni 2015

As Likened True Life Tree Dates

Ever occur to us about how the palm tree grows in the desert ??? Or how do I plant a palm tree in the desert ??
Palm tree growing in the middle of the desert where the heat so oppressive and the rest is sand that seemed endless will be one among some hope for people who are lost in the middle of the desert, which means there is still hope of life to continue the journey up to destination. Life expectancy which means there is a date's food and water.

Dates tree in the middle of the desert signifies life. And is the only plant that can survive for not fallen even though the middle of a storm. What is? Palm tree roots can be planted and grow to tens or even hundreds of meters into the ground to find water sources. There is a palm tree that grows in the desert gives a sign that there is water underneath.

How can a palm tree growing in the middle of the desert? Dates tree growing in the middle of the desert is not the first sprout like fruit trees in general, but will grow roots first into the ground to find water, no matter how deep the water source there is the deep roots that will grow date palms. Then he will grow new shoots upwards. How to plant a date palm seed in the middle of the desert by way planted in the ground as deep as 2-3 meters, then backfilled with rocks. Once the roots grow into the ground water sources, the date palm seed that will sprout and break rocks dumped shoots grow up and live fearless fight will heat because it already has a strong capital so that the roots are long and deep that to the springs under the desert sand.

Palm tree will know the source of truth, the God who created the water of life. So he grew so strong and firm on the truth. A life that is so solid foundation to bear the fruit of life that is so sweet when she was an adult until his old age. So blessed by God.

We as human beings should live any case like a palm tree that grows in the desert. In any field of life, strengthen the foundation of our lives beforehand to find the source of our life which is God. With the foundation of life is strong and sturdy, shock and exposure which however will not shake us in living this life. Why will not waver? Because our lives are blessed when we find the source of all sources of life, namely God.

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