Sabtu, 27 Juni 2015

A beginning of a story (Commemoration Story) Part II

Hi Gan in session 2 we continue the story of the children after a trip from Ranu Pane. Rain was pouring profusely until we stopped at a local market senduro..setelah nyampe home base Jendro break and in the evening the streets of the city began early Lumajang first to Lumajang happens because do not know, after the coffee finally settle around town in deket road deh Ky , This Muksim the map ....

While coffee contacting Rengga who happens to children whose house in Lumajang despro well. While chatting touring plans. Ketemulah travel deal forwarded to Bromo.Tapi tomorrow intention would seh invites her howdah but still 50:50 niate Jendro host Randy yo ma g invisible can participate in Lumajang yaw pingin still waiting for news deh so tomorrow morning already. Rapid return already midnight when tomorrow does not seem too willing to leave for Bromo.
The next morning after we prepare from home base our Lumajang (Tom, Eston, Sando and Dann) immediately unplug to bromo. actually somewhat delayed due to waiting for certainty Rengga not even be involved. Randy and Jendro well. it's gone from the late we immediately set off alone.

Keep heading bromo of Lumajang we pass direction after passing through the town of Probolinggo Klakah there is the junction that indicates the direction of the board bromo turn left (from the direction of Lumajang) straight Probolinggo city. Turn dech kita..menyusuri asphalt road towards bromo which can be considered a good and wide enough. While enjoying a trip in the region towards bromo we certainly photographs because it is a natural and nice surroundings.
Then, when the last climb before entering the ticket heading there began to be a little hurdles from the beginning, is the motor that does not fit supra fitnya therefore be problematic if invited to ride the road climbs sharply especially klu tanjakannya be thrust motorcycles sx125 three of which are strong it ... Finally, with a little push and painstakingly finally nyampe in post tiket..tiket the entry time was about 6000rupiah ... We g patiently went down in the sea of ​​sand wanted straight uphill in bromo. Our motorcycle cuts through the sea of ​​sand really difficult terrains but the motor is still able to pass through even though we both ride supra fitnya were already good. when overcast even cool because the pictures made us until late in the morning and bromo also did about 11 ..

Then forwarded to the summit bromo we initially thought the motor can be naek g er ternayata can indeed because sando eccentric supra fitnya raise above the peak before climbing the stairs, we finally come to raise the motor sx125 how the thrill of climbing with the bike though thinking also how downs later ... he2. after a short break until summit hiking and turns before figuring out how to get down ..

When the journey home I decided a little different path, while descending we will be treated signpost signpost SURABAYA or PROBOLINGGO. I decided to go left towards Surabaya and apparently I passed through the area Tongas and cut the road without getting into Probolinggo ... out great way Pasuruan-Probolinggo immediately turn left to take the direction of Surabaya ... Finally arrived home ... full of flavor and desire tuk million touring and surf began to penetrate into the soul ... see you next tour..with SUETO! (if you want to see more foto2nya can stop n join on facebook Sueto club ...

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